Recap of Zero Waste Week!

Recap of Zero Waste Week!

Dear readers,

If you haven’t had time to attend the Zero Waste Week you are in the right place! But also if you attended all the events (or some of them) this is the best newsletter for you! So keep reading if you want to take a look at fantastic pictures and sustainable tips.

On Monday, 19th the Zero Waste Week has started with a presentation by Valeria Teloni, an Italian biologist settled in Den Haag that leads a Zero Waste Life. Her speech was very inspiring and gave the possibility to all the attendances to have more information on how to conduct a sustainable life: from using loose tea instead of tea bags, to use always your personal cutlery or solid soap and shampoo. Remember: the main rules to lead a zero waste life are the 3R: refuse, reuse and recycle (remember to follow them in this order!). If you want to know more about Valeria and her zero waste habit you can follow her IG page @wastedaysareover and #wastedaysareover.
After Valeria’s presentation, we had the opportunity to eat a super nice soup and apple tarts made by Erasmus Food Lab.

Picture from the Food Lab.

On Tuesday, 20th a Workshop has occurred: it was about how to make products yourself. So, with just a contribution of three euros, we could join it. Would you be able to make a body scrub by your self? Or a deodorant? 

Picture from the Repair Café

On Thursday, 21st The Repair Café has occurred. Why should we buy new clothes when we can repair them? Sometimes it can be difficult since most of us have never used to sew. So, the participants were asked to bring their shabby clothes. The Repair Café gave us the chance to learn the basics of sewing: how to sew a button or making other small repairs to old clothes (that with these tips will become as new again!), or how to apply a strawberry button on your backpack to make it look nicer! All the zero waste week events were organized by Post Plastic Generation and Erasmus Sustainability Hub, in collaboration with  Sustainability & Co. 

#ZeroWasteWeek copia.png
Now we know how to apply a strawberry on a backpack!

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