Month: December 2018

19 sustainable tips for 2019

Dear readers, here some tips to start 2019 in a more sustainable way! Do you have more tips? Share them with us with a comment! Avoid straws when you drink out. But if you really like straws… have you ever thought about sustainable straws? It’s an eco-friendly drinking alternative! When you have to plan a…
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29 December 2018 0

Down to Earth – A journey to find and learn from the earth keepers.

Down to Earth is a documentary of 2015, which is based on a true story of a non conventional Dutch family. In fact, Renata Heinen and Rolf Winters decided to travel with their three children in order to meet the earth keepers: inspiring people that own ancestral knowledge of life, medicine and nature. They travelled…
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5 December 2018 0