19 sustainable tips for 2019

19 sustainable tips for 2019

Dear readers, here some tips to start 2019 in a more sustainable way!

Do you have more tips? Share them with us with a comment!

  • Avoid straws when you drink out. But if you really like straws… have you ever thought about sustainable straws? It’s an eco-friendly drinking alternative!
  • When you have to plan a trip, instead of checking the flights, you can think about traveling by train, bus or carpool.
  • Buy fresh and seasonable fruits and vegetables unpacked. Check where is the closest marketplace to you! Eat local!
  • Use ecosia.org instead of Google as your standard search engine in the computer. Schermata 2018-12-29 alle 21.30.54.png
  • Pack your own lunch and bring your own lunch box, for you to- go food or leftovers.
  • Bring with you a reusable mug, you can fill it in the coffee machine at the Uni, instead of using disposable cups. If you do not have it, you can buy your own at Erasmus Sustainability Hub!
  • Delete cloud data you don’t need. First it helps you clean up your own stuff. It actually saves energy, since the data needs to be saved somewhere physically which costs energy.
  • Drink tap water and ask for it when you eat out!
  • Buy second hand clothes, or better, do SWAP clothing at Erasmus Sustainability Hub!fashion-1031469_1920.jpg
  • Since we should change our tooth brush every three months, instead of buying plastic tooth brush, you can use a bamboo tooth brush.
  • Buy food with minimal packaging. Keep an eye on how much plastic is used to package food! You will be impressed.
  • Try out a minimalist wardrobe and see which pieces of clothing you actually never wear and bring them to the next swap at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub.
  • Instead of consuming tea bags, drink loose leaf tea! It’s sustainable, but also tastier!
  • Use natural cleaning products like vinegar and citric acid – saves money and is better for the environment.Schermata 2018-12-29 alle 21.05.54.png
  • Do not over wash your clothes! It’s not good for your clothes, neither for the environment. And wash them in cold water, when possible.
  • You can switch disposable sponges with less waste cleaning utensils, such as brushes or natural sponges.
  • Give up with coffee capsules. They are not sustainable and very expensive.
  • Reject the receipt at the supermarket checkout, they are not recyclable.
  • Try out washing ball which use negative electrons to clean and they can last up to 3 years, costing only 30 euros. With this you say no to over expensive washing powder, micro plastic and your laundry still gets clean!

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