EuroEnviro 2019

EuroEnviro 2019

EuroEnviro is a completely student-led sustainability conference that has been running since 1995 in various cities across Europe, and I had the chance to join the project in  Gothenburg, Sweden from 28th April until 3rd May. This year’s theme was ‘Interdisciplinary Solutions’, encouraging students from all subjects and levels to work in teams solving problems based around the UN Sustainable Development.

All along the week, we were assigned in groups to find solutions to a specific problem. I was part of the Consumption and production team. I had the opportunity to pitch our project, an educative app using a gaming system to teach the youth better consumption habits, at the end of the week. 

As well as our project teamwork, the week was filled with guest lectures and workshops (BlackDot, Rethinking Economics) from researchers and students at Gothenburg University. We also were presented the Fossil Free Energy District of Chalmer university. Each of us had the chance to learn the core concepts of each others’ projects, covering natural topics such as climate change, consumption, and deforestation, to more indirect topics we might not have realized at first glance were important for a sustainable planet, such as war and gender roles, antibiotic resistance, and good governance and corruption.

We were challenged to think as to how our own solutions could benefit other development goals as well, and to see the interconnectedness in our fields of expertise.

This week was really eye-opening, allowing me to meet students from different backgrounds and nationalities and to get empowered by our coming passion for sustainibility. It is so inspiring to get the opportunity to learn more about a topic which you are passionate about.

The week was moreover organized in the most sustainable possible way, comprising vegetarian (if not vegan) meals and even a compensation for travelling to Gothenburg by sustainable transports (19 hours of bus from Rotterdam to Gothenburg via Copenhagen in Flixbus). Mingling and bonding with the other students was made easy by our common passions and I am now confident that I have partners for future enterprises all around Europe.


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