Our guide to a Hauntingly SustainaBOO Halloween

Our guide to a Hauntingly SustainaBOO Halloween

The holiday of mystery, magic, and superstition creates real horrors with cheap costumes, plastic props, and uneaten pumpkin insides. Just in the UK, 15 million pumpkins were carved but never eaten . And over 12,500 tonnes of one-time-only Halloween costumes end up in landfills every year. From hole-carved bedsheets to plastic skeleton masks, Halloween creates so much trash which gets used for a couple of hours, at most. And on top of all this, the cheap, leaking batteries found in mass-produced plastic props are never recycled 🙁

Celebrate Halloween sustainably this year with these simple tips!

1. Shop at thrift stores, borrow from your friends, rummage through your own closet

Rotterdam is lucky to have many different kinds of vintage and second-hand stores. Visit Cheap Fashion or Episode where you can hunt through mountains of clothing. Cheap Fashion is great to find weird and out-of-the box costumes for theme parties and halloween! 

Go through your own closet and get inspired. Use your old prom dress, flannel shirts, scarves, and boots to create cool outfits. For example, make a statement by going as Rosie the Riveter, a symbol of feminism. Throw together a long-sleeved blue denim top, roll up the sleeves past the elbow. Pair this with dark blue high-waisted jeans. Tie up your hair and pouf up your fringe, add some 1940s makeup. And to top it off, add a red bandana around your head.

2. Resort to using your own makeup, organic face paint, and make your own fake blood!

Avoid plastic masks by using makeup to spice up your look. Put on a pair of overalls and add some scarecrow makeup, and voila you are ready to go. Go as Frida Kalho, add a bold brow, bright red lipstick, and a flower band! 

Make your own fake blood, guts, and scabs with just 3 simple ingredients. Some of these recipes are edible 😉

3. Hosting your own Halloween party? Get crafty with your decor.

Use more natural decor like pumpkin and cinnamon sticks for a more autumn look. For food, use the pumpkin insides for pumpkin soup, bread or even a spiced latte drink! You can even walk around the park and collect branches to make them into decor. 

Hope you can use some of these tips! Have some more ideas that could be useful for others? Drop them below in the comment section below.

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