A sustainable alternative to kick-off 2020 – Perpetual Products

A sustainable alternative to kick-off 2020 – Perpetual Products

It’s a new year and there is no better time than now to make some sustainable changes in our lives. When we think about sustainability we think of recycling and renewable energy but a sustainable future involves a lot more than just that. The things we do everyday can impact the future, negatively or positively. To understand this let’s look at our daily routine. We wake up after hitting the snooze button a few times, do a couple of stretches, and head to the bathroom. We then wash our face, brush our teeth, put on a pot of coffee, hit the shower, lather up the loofah, rinse, throw some clothes on and head out. This is a standard morning routine but what we don’t realise is the amount of chemicals we introduce into our body and our planet as we perform this simple morning routine.

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Yes! Some of our minty tasting toothpaste and fruity smelling body products actually do contain a lot of chemicals. This is truly scary! Moving to safer products can impact the future in a positive way. So, I introduce to you Perpetual products. They provide sustainable alternatives for our daily routines. Perpetual products is the brainchild of Edoardo Pulvirenti and Stefano Perlasca and is the first sustainable local product subscription service in Rotterdam. Their mission is to  empower people to be sustainable.

What we, at the hub, love the most about Perpetual products is that they take sustainability to the next level! All their products are produced in The Netherlands and are selected following three core eco-friendly criteria: local, proper ingredients, no single-use packaging. The first time you purchase their products, the products are delivered in their own packaging and when you order them again they collect your old packaging in order to reuse it. Another noteworthy part about the delivery is the fact that it is done by zero emission vehicles- bicycles.  Their products range from personal care to safe cleaning products for our home. Visit their website – https://www.productsperpetual.com/ .

We also have some great news, soon you will be able to purchase all these products along with other fantastic sustainable brands at our brand new webshop. The webshop is coming your way this February 2020 and  will be integrated into our website. 

Let’s make this New Year a sustainable one! So, stay tuned for more updates and some exciting sustainable offers that are coming your way!

Article by Sriranjini Chandramoulee

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