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May 10th

Sustainable Future: An Exploration of Opportunities 

We start off day one with an opening ceremony at the Pavilion. Key decision-makers from the EUR will be challenged on their ambitions to become net-positive on climate&ecology by 2030.

On the first day of the event, institutions, companies, and individuals are invited to debate and address goals for sustainable development in a collaborative manner. The day is packed with fun events such as the climate cafe by Rembrandt Zegers, and the discussion on inner development goals by Maria Grazia Testa, who specialized in sustainable transitions. Our special activities include a career fair as well as a workshop on Networking Space by Danielle Hirsch, all with the intention of fostering cooperation towards sustainably developed goals, a place will be provided to explore the possibilities of alliances and provide valuable networking opportunities. Individuals are also encouraged to share their perspectives and current actions in their sustainability journey to inspire others.


May 11th

Collaborating for Society 

 We will focus on the subtheme of Collaboration for Society, with a particular emphasis on two areas. This day starts off with a panel discussion on building a better tomorrow. But if you're looking for something to calm your mind, then the yoga session is just for you! Get in touch with your creative side and join the painting workshop by Ulrike Hahn, or the DIY cosmetic workshop. Special events include the clothing swap, the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) workshop and more! Here we will also explore the importance of climate communication, the power of advocacy, and ways to make sustainable choices in our daily lives. The second area will focus on human-centric cities, circular neighborhoods, inclusivity, and resilience, examining how we can create urban environments that are sustainable, equitable, and resilient for all.

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May 12th

Sustainability Across Businesses and Industries 

 We wrap up the event on the third day, which is dedicated to the business world and its schemes in order to contribute to a brighter future on a local and global scale. Learn more about sustainability through a business lens in the workshop hosted by Count Enegery on Sustainability as an opportunity for business or Arther Ten Wolde's discussion on Mainstream circular economy. As consumer needs are transitioning towards sustainable products and services, businesses must adapt promptly. Green financing and green transitioning will be some of the topics of discussion, among others, to cultivate a green generation of new businesses and to accelerate circular economic development. Special events such as the upcycling workshop, cooking worship, gardening session, and more! This day will also focus on sustainability in supply chains as we explore how to achieve sustainability in the use of raw materials and production processes. 

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