The Erasmus Sustainability Hub (ESH) is recruiting its new board for the year 2022/2023! Are you a student that has a strong urge to continue to grow Erasmus’ community of students sharing a common passion to drive sustainability change on a personal, local and global level? Do you want to commit to a year in which you emerge yourself in a role that asks for strong collaboration with your fellow board members, leaderships skills to guide the various committees and initiatives, and a pioneering mindset to take the ESH’s programmes and events to a higher level? 

Make sure to check the general information about what a board year at the ESH entails and to look at the various board positions that are open for application!

What can you expect as board member at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub (ESH)?

The ESH might be a bit different than other associations at the university. It has from the start been an organisation that has a hands-on and can-do mentality. At the ESH we do not only want to raise awareness and educate students, but we try to create physical direct changes! We want to show through smaller and bigger events, workshops and projects, that we can move to a path of development that is in harmony with people and planet. 

As the ESH is still a rather young organisation, we are looking for board members that would love to commit to the further evolution of the organisation. This entails strengthening the ESH community, organizing the Erasmus Sustainability Days – the biggest on campus sustainability event –, hosting the weekly cooking workshops at the Erasmus Food Lab and the gardening workshops in the campus garden, networking with organisations inside and outside of the EUR, and organizing a range of events that educate, inspire, and give individuals the tools and the connections that they can use for the own benefit and in their later professional lives. 

You are someone that has a strong affinity with sustainability and feel an urge to make a change within the campus community and beyond!  

As a board member, you are proactive, ambitious and dedicated. You are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and engage in task and activities you might not have done before. You are a team player and people can count on you. This requires communication skills and the ability to give and receive feedback in a transparent and honest way. If issues arise you work on solutions together. As a board, you a responsible for the well-functioning of the organisation, and you share this responsibility equally. This also entails collectively managing the use of our amazing multifunctional space in the Mandeville building and ensuring that at least one board member is present during the dedicated office hours. 

Next to the functioning of the board itself, each board member will guide multiple committee(s) and/or initiatives and together with these groups of students create events and activities. This requires you to be someone that is comfortable in taking the lead within a group of people, to take responsibility for the outcome of actions and choices made, to support and motivate your team and to hold space for honest opinions and reflections. Furthermore, you will ensure that the relevant event and project documentation and reflection is completed, so that next year’s ESH community can learn from your difficulties and successes! 

A board year is an amazing one-year learning process, in which you will develop yourself in various aspects. If you are excited to emerge yourself in this opportunity, make sure to read more on the various board positions on the dedicated pages! 

Although each board position has different task and responsibilities, the board functions as a team, in which each board member feels the responsibility for the various programmes, committees, initiatives and events of the ESH. Next to the described committees and programmes (food, agriculture, consulting and fashion), ESH also has smaller initiatives, such as the Alive project: a well-being initiative focusing on yoga meditation, and mindfulness. These initiatives functions as independent project groups and are assigned to a specific board member after the board is formed. The board member involved with an initiative is their main contact person and will support them where necessary. 

Sustainability is a complex, interconnected problem, which requires a way of collaboration in which individuals do not work in silos on their own tasks, but in a trans contextual manner where the functioning of the whole organisation is dependent upon the interactions, collaboration and feedback loops between all of its different parts. 

General Requirements

  • You are able to commit for 20 hours each week.  

  • You are available for a full year (it is not possible to combine the board year with an internship). 

  • The board will together organize and participate in the introduction week of the university to welcome new students, Eurekaweek 2022 (so you are available from 15th  – 18th of August). Attendance is mandatory. 


To apply, please fill in the form where you submit your CV and motivation letter before Friday, May 27th, 11:59. 


Main Tasks & Requirements

Chairperson Position

Your main tasks:

  • Represent ESH at ESH’s own events and events of other organisations, either inside or outside the university. 

  • Main contact point for the university, advisory board and internal and external organizations.

  • Responsible to manage partner network and extend this. 

  • Facilitate the creation of new projects.

  • Support the board of ESH and lead the board meetings and make the agenda. 

  • Ensure ESH’s activities align with ESH’s mission and year plan. Tracking goals and achievements.   

  • Supervising and working with one or two committees/initiatives. TBD.

  • Managing the management@eshub.nl and chair@eshub.nl emails.

Marketing, PR & Community Manager position

Your main tasks:

  • Supervising and working with the Community Committee and the Marketing & PR Committee. 

  • Co-responsible for the general well-being of member and their main contact point (together with the Fashion & Community board member).

  • Organize monthly (active) member event (together with the Fashion & Community board member). 

  • Organise the ESH’s Anniversary on the 16th of October event (together with the Fashion & Community board member).  

  • Create and manage the ESH online (Slack) and offline community (together with the Fashion & Community board member).  

  • Develop and implement the Hub’s marketing & PR strategy and facilitate the development of the ESD’s marketing strategy and implementation. 

  • Create and execute promotional activities for Hub events and activities and publish the monthly newsletter.

  • Managing the ESH social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), website and @eshub.nl email domain.

  • Have a good overview of all ESH activities for timely marketing and communication and update the shared google calendar. 

Requirements (preferable, otherwise there is a need to select someone for the committee with required skills):

  • Intermediate graphic design skills (is able to design posters, banners etc.).

  • Knowledge of InDesign/Photoshop.

  • Strong communication and writing skills.

  • Experience with WordPress. 

  • Preferably: experience with video editing and/or website design. 

Food & Agriculture Manager position

Your main tasks:

  • Raising awareness about sustainability in the food & agricultural system and consumption culture. 

  • Organizing and supervising a wide range of events, related to food (weekly Wednesday cooking workshops, mystery box challenge, food politics, possibly field trips) and agriculture (gardening sessions, workshops/lectures in winter, bee-keeping sessions, possibly field trips).

  • Supervising and working with the Food & Agriculture Committee.

  • Managing and content creation (videos, recipes, infographics, informational posts) on social media channels of the Food Lab (Facebook, Instagram and Website) and Edible EUR (Instagram and Facebook). 

  • Manage the recurring events, such as, ‘Cooking with an Expert’. 

  • Be the main contact point for Edible EUR and Pinar Çoskun.  

Overseeing two research projects: The COEX project and beyond me challenge.

Fashion & Community Manager position

Your main tasks:

  • Raising awareness about the sustainability in the fashion industry and consumption culture.

  • Supervising and working with the Fashion Committee and the Community Committee (together with the Marketing, PR & Community board member).

  • Support the creation of events and initiation of projects on the theme of Fashion, such as seminars, repair cafes.  

  • Organize the monthly clothing swaps and co-organize the Fashion Revolution Week (in collaboration with our partners).

  • Maintain a good relationship with existing partners and possibly pursue new partnerships. 

  • Manage the Rethink Apparel Instagram account and increase online presence. 

  • Co-responsible for the general well-being of member and their main contact point (together with the Marketing, PR & Community board member).

  • Organize monthly (active) member event (together with the Marketing, PR & Community board member). 

  • Organise the ESH’s Anniversary on the 16th of October event (together with the Marketing, PR & Community board member).  

  • Create and manage the ESH offline community (together with the Marketing, PR & Community board member). 

ESD & Finance position

Your main tasks:

  • Organizing the ESD.

  • Supervising and working with the ESD Committee.

  • Creating the budget for the whole year and overseeing the finance (overviews) and the budgets for the various committees, initiatives and events and the overall ESH financial cash flows. 

  • Acquiring sponsorships and provisioning funds. 

  • Keeping track of the bank account, smaller expenses and costs declaration. 

  • Register ESH at the Kamer van Koophandel

  • Managing legal inquiries and requirements (such as the grant registrations).

  • Creating a financial plan for the ESD and acquiring sponsorships for the ESD.

  • Together with Marketing & PR, creating and executing an ESD marketing and promotion plan and materials. 

  • Active involved of all ESH’s activities to be able to represent this well at the ESD.