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Day 1 is here!

We start off day one with an opening ceremony at the Pavilion. Key decision-makers from the EUR will be challenged on their ambitions to become net-positive on climate&ecology by 2030.

On the first day of the event, institutions, companies, and individuals are invited to debate and address goals for sustainable development in a collaborative manner. The day is packed with fun events such as the climate cafe by Rembrandt Zegers, and the discussion on inner development goals by Maria Grazia Testa, who specialized in sustainable transitions. Our special activities include a career fair as well as a workshop on Networking Space by Danielle Hirsch, all with the intention of fostering cooperation towards sustainably developed goals, a place will be provided to explore the possibilities of alliances and provide valuable networking opportunities. Individuals are also encouraged to share their perspectives and current actions in their sustainability journey to inspire others.


Event Schedule

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