The Hub is run by an enthusiastic team of Erasmus University students who are connected by their devotion to sustainability and making a meaningful difference in our university community.

Our ideas and projects evolve from the local issues we observe on campus, as well as the global issues we are personally passionate about. Our inspirations are not limited to our own observations and passions – for this reason we are always open to anyone who has an idea to connect with us, so we can realize the vision for a better future together.

Emma Albertone

CHAIRWOMAN.  I believe the modern world is observing a major shift in its key challenges and pivoting towards sustainable measures is no longer an option but a need.  At EUR, I aim to enlarge impact by raising awareness among students about the issues we face and how small-scale actions can induce consequent changes.

Quint van Stuivenberg

OPERATIONS MANAGER. I aim to have a bigger positive impact in both my personal- and professional life and inspire others to do the same. I believe that this can be accomplished by building and growing a community that, together, strives for the same thing; a more sustainable future for both human and nature.

Daniela Monteiro

MARKETING & PROMOTION MANAGER.  The Hub has motivated me to live a more sustainable life! By being involved, I want to remind our community that together we can make a change and together we can live more consciously. Every step counts, and I am determined to inspire others to change the world with us.

Dolly Vellanki

COMMUNITY & FASHION MANAGER. To me, sustainability means to care for our planet, our people, and the future. This comes in many forms and we need to all do our part. I want to support the EUR community by spreading awareness on how to lead sustainable lives, make conscious decisions, and grow together.

Marie Ringot

FOOD & AGRICULTURE MANAGERI believe changing our habits is key to a greener future. Food is a basic need and that’s why eating responsibly is so impactful. To decrease your environmental footprint, we aim at providing simple, fun and effortless alternatives you can implement everyday.

Agata Zur

WASTE MANAGER.  The issue of waste is the consequence of our collective action and thus requires collective effort to overcome it. Sustainability is at the core of solving it. My aim is to engage as many students as possible, increase their awareness and together work on effective solutions to make a change.

Indra Lancien

ERASMUS SUSTAINABILITY DAYS MANAGER.  With my master in Global Business and Sustainability combined with my position at the Hub I can put my knowledge into action in order to contribute to a more sustainable campus! I want to inspire students to be part of the change.

Lena Bäunker

EURWARDROBE Since I traveled China, I question my consumption behavior. I was shocked with the enormous piles of clothes in the landfills. Now I’m trying to pair my passion for fashion with a better understanding of the  environmental impact of the clothing industry.

Samuel Vitikainen

LET’S TALK TRASH AUDIO PRODUCER.  I still have much to learn about sustainability, but I am trying to contribute by facilitating sustainability conscious dialogues through the medium of podcasting. My background in audio production is instrumental for the production of our podcast.

Anaëlle Perrin

ERASMUS FOOD LAB FOOD MANAGER.  I am involved with sustainable and ethical food consumption choices. I hope many students will be inspired to take the extra step and reconsider their choices when taking part in any of the events promoted by the Food Lab or the Edible EUR.

Wallerand Bazin

FOUNDER OF LET’S TALK TRASHI am passionate about the energy transition, that’s why I started a podcast to share findings and talk with experts on relevant issues. The podcast aims to reach out to professionals, academics and students that are contributing to the transition of our society.

Roman Van Riel

LET’S TALK TRASH LEAD WRITERI’ve developed a keen interest in the environmental and social challenges that our planet is currently facing. I hope to combine my knowledge in economics with my passion for sustainability to contribute to a more sustainable world.


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