The Erasmus Sustainability Hub is a collaborative effort of sustainable student initiatives based at Erasmus University Rotterdam. By creating a community that stimulates collaborative change through various actions, projects, and  initiatives, we aim to spread awareness and teach individuals to incorporate sustainability into their daily lives.

Our ideas and projects evolve from the local issues we observe on campus, as well as global issues that we are personally passionate about. Our inspirations are not limited to our own observations and passions – for this reason we invite everyone to get involved, get engaged and connect with us, so that together, we can realize our vision for a better future.

Amandine Annoye


“Making education more accessible is what interests me the most in sustainbility, as it reduces social and environmental inequality.”

Wouter Holleman

Secretary & Treasurer

“To me, the most important part of sustainability is protecting wildlife, as innocent animals are vulnerable to climate change”

Heidi Sudjaka

Marketing and Promotion Manager

“I am passionate about protecting and preserving our planet, but also looking after the health and well-being of those who live on it.”

Nigel Scholten

Food & Agriculture Manager

“I am incredibly passionate about decent work for all and building stronger communities.”

Vappu Väänänen

Fashion Manager

“I am most ambitious about the climate crisis, coupled with an aggregate shift to a circular economy and lifestyle.”

Loïc O’Dwyer

Waste Manager

“I am most passionate about helping others in need by promoting inclusive and peaceful societies, as well as a circular economic system”