The Story Behind the Concept

At Erasmus University, we are 29,790 students. On average, we own 95 garments, of which 40% are (almost) never worn. That makes more than 1 million items, which just gather dust in our closets.

A sad life, isn’t it? Therefore, EURWardrobe invites you to donate your unwanted items and swap them with fellow students. Let’s unite our wardrobes!

Remember that shirt you’ve only worn once to your sister’s graduation, or that jeans you’ve loved a year ago but is now too big? Most of the unused items in our closets are still in good shape, but aren’t worn simply because they don’t fit or suit one’s style anymore. An item that’s sitting in your closet corner, unnoticed, may well look fabulous on a fellow student and become their new favourite, however!

EURWardrobe is an initiative that seeks to combat the rottening of clothes in students’ wardrobes. The idea: If we all share our unwanted clothes, we can create our own big united wardrobe on campus! The benefits:

  1. You give your clothes a second life.
  2. You clear out your closet and make more space.
  3. You find new clothes donated by fellow students.
  4. You can redefine your own wardrobe.
  5. You help the planet and the people.

With this initiative, we want to raise awareness concerning clothing consumption and the great potential of second-hand shopping and sharing. The fashion industry, as the second most polluting industry after oil, produces approximately 80 billion new garments every year. That’s more than the entire world population could ever possibly wear. 2 million tonnes of waste textiles are dumped in landfill every year. This mass production and trashing has tremendous implications for the planet and people.

We hope to make students question their own consumption behaviour and to open their minds for new possibilities. EURWardrobe shows that clothes swapping and second-hand shopping do not mean dusty cramped stores, but are a valuable alternative to buying new clothes. We care for quality, cleanness and professionality. Our collection consists entirely of donated clothing from and for students.

Are you interested? Come by during our opening hours to browse through our collection, take what you like and donate clothes in return. If you don’t have clothes to spare, you can leave some small money (approximately 3€ per piece). The donated money goes to charity. We support Dress for Success, an organisation providing people with low income with outfits for their job interviews.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Lena, the project leader.

How it works (in a nutshell):

  1. Visit EURWardrobe during our opening hours.
  2. Browse our collection.
  3. Fall in love with your new favourite item(s).
  4. Donate clothes in return.
  5. No clothes to spare? Leave some small money for charity instead.
  6. Take your new item(s) home.

Opening Times

Monday till Friday:

15:00 – 17:00

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