beyond me chalenge

ESH projects 2020/2021

As an initiative from the food & agriculture committee, we are launching the “Beyond Me challenge”, which consists in a 30-day period for 10 students to step into a sustainable plant-based eating journey.


Our mission is to close the knowledge gap about what a balanced diet is, educate about sustainability effects of certain foods, build cooking skills for a healthy and sustainable diet, change the negative taste perception of meat substitutes and stop autopilot price shopping.

The goal is to stimulate greater willingness and enthusiasm among Rotterdam students to take a leap forward in sustainability, get control of their health and experience the best of themselves by changing their current diet and consumption habits.

Why was the beyond me challenge created?

We recognize that students often have limited time, knowledge or awareness of how to reduce animal derived products from their diet. Our own studies show that students mainly do the following experience obstacles: 

1. Knowledge about a balanced diet is lacking. It is often thought that there is a lack of proteins in a plant-based diet.

2. Knowledge about the sustainability of certain food ingredients is missing. The general thought that alternative vegetable proteins products, such as soy, are not sustainable for the environment.

3. Cooking skills for a healthy and sustainable diet are lacking. Some popular fast food meals are cheaper than buying ingredients separately, and demotivate students to take the time to cook, finding healthy and sustainable recipes very difficult and expensive.

4. The taste perception of meat substitutes is often negative. Those who aren’t familiar with meat substitutes often think these are tasteless and boring.

5. Shopping autopilot mode: price plays a heavy role. Other factors such as quality, health, sustainability, etc are often disregarded.
We believe these barriers can be overcome by challenging yourself to step into a sustainable plant-based eating journey, and entering a deeper level of mindful eating and self-improvement.

Are you trying to become more sustainable ?

Do you want to make a New Year’s resolution ?

Do you care about animals and the environment ?
Do you love to challenge yourself ?

Then join us!

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