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Erasmus Sustainability Hub is an ever growing platform for http://www.mikeholdsworth.com/uncategorized/dlhuhtpkqof/. entrepreneurial students and change agents. It is the most dynamic and impactful community at EUR! Doing a board year at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub is definitely an experience you will never forget. As the board of a young organization, you will have the Order Tramadol Online Usa flexibility to give your input into the structure and organization of the ESH. This freedom enables you to take on projects, start new events and collaborations, involve new students, start research groups and more on the themes that ESH is working on: Fashion, Waste and Tramadol With Paypal Food & Agriculture.  Apart from an unforgettable experience, you will gain valuable organizational and leadership skills. More importantly, you will learn to be creative, think outside of the box and guide a group of inspirational individuals that strive for a common goal. Most of all, you will l http://www.lucasfrancisstudio.com/lfs/archives/576 earn from passionate and diverse people. You will benefit from the motivation of every single individual and the various and diverse events that you and your team will organize. 

As the board of this young organization, you will have the flexibility to give your input into the structure and organization of the ESH. In addition, you will have a lot of freedom to take on projects, start new events or collaborations, involve new students, start research groups and more on the themes that ESH is working on: Fashion, Waste and Food & Agriculture. 


http://www.orfeoreusenc.cat/2021/01/26/kfejpp3v6 As a board member you are proactive, ambitious, motivated and dedicated. You are a real team-player, approachable, and outgoing. You are well-versed in supporting and motivating your team to ensure our activities are a success. Moreover, you also consider different views and criticisms. You are responsible, organized, and can dabble multiple tasks at the same time to guide and advance our committees and projects. You are sociable and at ease in various environments to meet new people and communicate well. If issues and conflicts arise, you must share responsibility together with your team to arrive at solutions. Communication with your board members and accepting feedback from each other is key. Use this year to learn, develop yourself, try new things,  and step outside your comfort zone!

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  • Creating, implementing, adapting and promoting the Hub’s strategy 
  • Empowering a community that is passionate about sustainability and initiating change on campus. 
  • Prioritizing and dedicating your time and efforts to advancing the organization 
  • Sharing  and believing in sustainable values on and off campus
  • Ensuring synergy and cooperation in the team, both on a social and professional capacity 
  • Continuously evaluating and providing feedback to each other, and also to your committee members 
  • Being curious and enthusiastic about the work we do  at ESH 
  • Effectively communicating with your teams 
  • Welcoming new opportunities and initiatives within boundaries 
  • Ensuring the well-being of our beautiful office space (through daily office hours and upkeep) 


  • You are available for a full year (August 2020 – July 2021) 
  • You are available for at least 20 hours a week
  • You are actively engaged with sustainability 



Order Tramadol Uk To apply, please send your https://www.lpglobal.eu/jyvsa1ssx CV and motivation letter (max. 1 page) to recruitment@eshub.nl before May 17th, 2020, at 23h59.

http://www.eadic-becas.com/ewhnzhf6ol In your motivation letter, you can indicate a maximum of two board positions that you are interested in. Please provide motivation as to why you are suited to these positions and any other relevant ideas or information you would like us to know.

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http://www.muyjapones.com/45npqhq6mq8 The approximate working hours as a board member is around  Tramadol Online Cod Payment 20 hours. However, this is just an estimate and a board position requires immense dedication to spend 20+ hours on this job.


http://www.hortdelmetge.com/gcbw2cnqsn9 The available Board Positions


https://www.viatgesmestres.com/sdjk1ng As the Chair of ESH, you are the face of the organization. You are leading the board, developing the Hub’s strategy and enlarging the Hub’s community and network. You are also working hand-in-hand with the Treasurer to ensure the smooth functioning of the Hub’s internal activities and planning of events.


Secretary & Treasurer

As the Secretary & Treasurer of ESH, you are the right arm of the Chair. Your main responsibilities evolve around financial-, operational- and administrative tasks. Your work forms the organizational basis where the board, committees and projects can build upon.

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Marketing & Promotion Manager

As the Marketing & Promotion Manager, you are responsible for the external image and visibility of ESH. You coordinate a large team of experienced individuals responsible for the all-around marketing of the organization and as such, you must ensure all their efforts align with the overall goals of the Hub.

Fashion Manager

Order Tramadol 100Mg Online The Fashion Manager of the Hub owns and is the face of the brand; Rethink Apparel. The aim of Rethink Apparel is to raise awareness about the need for sustainability within the fashion industry through educational events and activities.


Waste Manager

http://www.mikeholdsworth.com/uncategorized/f1hpyga5ur/. As the waste manager you represent the waste pillar at the Hub while leading and empowering the waste committee. You are responsible for continuously promoting and advocating for sustainable waste management at our university and engaging students with sustainable consumption.

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Food & Agriculture Manager

http://www.eadic-becas.com/ak8whetn As the Food & Agriculture Manager, you have a passion for food and plant-based cooking. You are working actively with the Erasmus Food Lab, and all the food-related initiatives, such as EdiblEUR. Overall, you are responsible for raising awareness on food related topics, by creating new collaboration and creative events with external partners.

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Here is a recap of what our previous boards achieved!

Tramadol Order Online Canada The I Board successfully merged our past associations (Green EUR and Erasmus Involved) into today’s Erasmus Sustainability Hub and established a community for sustainability initiatives on campus.


http://www.lucasfrancisstudio.com/lfs/archives/576 The II Board established the ESH’s presence on campus, established partnerships with EUR, the municipality and other external parties. They hosted the largest Erasmus Sustainability Days in 2020 to date, with over 400 participants and 30+ companies. The team launched and expanded projects such as a sustainable webshop, Ecocoin, a podcast, Ecosia on campus, and a mindfulness committee. They especially continued growing our three pillars of fashion, food & agriculture, and waste. Lastly, they formally advised organizations on more sustainable procedures for events and activities.


http://www.muyjapones.com/0bpkufjh1 Join the III Board and continue paving the change!

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