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19 sustainable tips for 2019

Dear readers, here some tips to start 2019 in a more sustainable way! Do you have more tips? Share them with us with a comment! Avoid straws when you drink out. But if you really like straws… have you ever thought about sustainable straws? It’s an eco-friendly drinking alternative! When you have to plan a…
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29 December 2018 0

Down to Earth – A journey to find and learn from the earth keepers.

Down to Earth is a documentary of 2015, which is based on a true story of a non conventional Dutch family. In fact, Renata Heinen and Rolf Winters decided to travel with their three children in order to meet the earth keepers: inspiring people that own ancestral knowledge of life, medicine and nature. They travelled…
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5 December 2018 0

Recap of Zero Waste Week!

Dear readers, If you haven’t had time to attend the Zero Waste Week you are in the right place! But also if you attended all the events (or some of them) this is the best newsletter for you! So keep reading if you want to take a look at fantastic pictures and sustainable tips. On…
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27 November 2018 0