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Day 2 is here!

Collaborating for Society 

 We will focus on the subtheme of Collaboration for Society, with a particular emphasis on two areas. This day starts off with a panel discussion on building a better tomorrow. But if you're looking for something to calm your mind, then the yoga session is just for you! Get in touch with your creative side and join the painting workshop by Ulrike Hahn, or the DIY cosmetic workshop. Special events include the clothing swap, the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) workshop and more! Here we will also explore the importance of climate communication, the power of advocacy, and ways to make sustainable choices in our daily lives. The second area will focus on human-centric cities, circular neighborhoods, inclusivity, and resilience, examining how we can create urban environments that are sustainable, equitable, and resilient for all.

Event Schedule

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