Ecocoin EUR

ESH PRojects 2020/2021

About The project

Last year EcoCoin was launched on the EUR campus, an online wallet (platform) where students can collect EcoCoins by completing sustainable and socially responsible challenges. The collected EcoCoins can then be spent on products and services on our platform. EcoCoin is the 1st ever initiative to do something like this on a university campus, and although we faced some challenges due to Covid-19, we aim to continue growing our platform this year. 

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The EcoCoin team is for new sustainability enthusiasts that will help us drive our project further. The team will be responsible for frowing the EcoCoin platform on campus to promote sustainable and socially responsible actions, and reward those who commit to such activities. The team also aims to grow its visibility through increased presence at sustainability events and activities.

ecocoin committee
Amandine 2
Collaborations You will be managing and growing our partner network and set up creative initiatives to work together with these current and new partners. You are also in charge of maintaining relations with other student organizations to develop collaborations and enable EcoCoin to increase its visibility on campus events.

Marketing The Marketeers will be taking on the responsibility of growing the EcoCoin userbase through active offline and online marketing. This includes creating campaigns and managing our social media to ensure EcoCoin is visible on campus. 

Operations The operations side of EcoCoin manages the platform to ensure it runs smoothly and analyzes the platform interaction with a data-driven approach. You have the chance to develop new initiatives such as looking into funding, and various other ideas which can support EcoCoin’s success. Analytic skills and quantitative/excel skills will benefit you highly for this role. 

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