Edible EUR


Imagine we use the green space on campus to grow food! Vegetable beds, berry shrubs, walnut trees, etc. That’s Edible EUR’s vision!

Growing food plays a key role in a wide range of issues around sustainability. By growing food in an ecologically sound way, we can 1. feed humans, while at the same time 2. providing habitat for a wide diversity of life (animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, etc.), 3. capturing carbon, and 4. cycling and filtering water to drinkable quality.

This aligns with the vision of Erasmus University Rotterdam to develop a sustainable campus.

Besides, gardening in a natural way is a fun activity! Not only does it challenge you to tons of observation and experimentation, it also allows you to engage more with fellow students and develop valuable life-skills. Finally, plant-rich environments have beneficial effects on our well-being!

The Campus Garden

Over the past year (2018), Erasmus Sport has made available the location where the new sports building will be built.  There we have grown squash, tomatoes, radishes, salads, and more!

Currently, we are working on the development of a permanent campus garden. It will be located on the east side of the tennis courts. There will be vegetable beds, composting bins, and bees.

The campus garden is open for all students and staff. In weekly gardening sessions, you are welcome to get your hands dirty and grow some shit! Edible EUR is also looking for students who want to be involved in the organisation of the project. Sign up here!

Check out https://www.facebook.com/edibleeur/  for more information and updates!

Let’s grow something delicious together!

Planting a seed

sowing day

We could start off small and simple somewhere on campus. Just like planting a single seed. Edible EUR started guerrilla style by secretly planting a raised bed vegetable garden on campus (article in Dutch). 

In order to get more students and staff involved, however, we need something bigger. A place where you can be actively involved in growing your own food every week: a Campus Garden!