Erasmus food lab

The Erasmus Food Lab collaborates with the ESH Food Committee to promote sustainable, plant-based food consumption to Erasmus students and staff. We do this through cooking workshops, lectures, interactive events, and research. All these things take place in our state of the art kitchen.

Our Values

We want to help contribute to a food system that is good for the people working in it, the planet, and for health.

In our view, this means choosing food that is :

  • Local and seasonal where possible
  • Plant-based
  • Organic
  • Grown in production chains with no exploitation (human or animal)
  • Contributing to biodiversity


our events

Wednesday Cooking Workshops

Every week we host a nationality-themed cooking workshop for Erasmus students and staff. Students come to the Food Lab, cook in teams and make a delicious, healthy, plant-based meal together. We have done nationalities from 6 continents (still figuring out how to do Antarctic plant-based) and over 40 countries and counting. This past November we even started doing fusion workshops. If you thought Japanese and Creole or Mexican and Korean food doesn’t go well together, then think again! 

Cooking with an Expert

Every third Tuesday of the month we host an interactive lecture with a sustainability focus followed by a cooking workshop making the favorite recipe of the speaker. This unique event creates an informal environment where participants can engage with the sustainability experts in a way they can’t in a normal lecture. 

Mystery Box Challenge

This monthly competition is for all the culinary wizards of the Erasmus community. It goes like this: participants form teams of three, receive a box filled with mystery ingredients (unwasted food from Zero Waste Rotterdam) and get an hour to cook a dish that will wow our judges. The winner gets a prize and their recipe post on the Food Lab website. In addition to being a load of fun, it also aims to show how we can tackle food waste through resourcefulness. 

Professional Workshops

Aside from our recurring events, we also work with companies and student associations to host cooking and food related events at the Food Lab.

Interested? Sign up here.

Other Activities

Our research team focuses on calculating the Carbon footprint of our recipes and workshops and their comparison to non plant-based alternatives. They also engage on their own projects. For example, this year they will assist with the interfaculty nudge project, where we use research from the behavioural sciences to see if we can influence Erasmus staff to make more sustainable food choices.

Online Foodies

All of our many events and activities could not happen without being promoted ofcourse, and that is where the Online Foodies team comes in. They promote our events, manage our social media accounts, and also create their own content. This year we started a sustainable food cooking series where we show you how to make, among others, vegan carrot bacon and vegan palm oil free nutella.

Plant Based Recipes

Our team of food enthusiasts upload original and delicious plant based recipes each week to the Erasmus Food Lab website. They include all the recipes of our nationality themed workshops. They also add nutritional values and CO2 emissions. You can check them out at

Check them out!

Reach out!

You can reach us through our Facebook and Instagram, or send an email to