ESH Projects 2020/2021

Best Price Tramadol Online The Erasmus Sustainability Days team has the grand honor and responsibility to organize the largest sustainability-oriented event at Erasmus University. The ESDs invite and feature a number of NGOs, activists, government representatives and corporations, and aim to facilitate their dialogue with students through various activities. Joining the ESD team will surely be a challenging but highly rewarding task!

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About ESD Erasmus Sustainability Days (ESD) is the flagship event of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub and the biggest sustainability-oriented event organized at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The ESDs last five days, and each day focuses on a different topic, ranging from social, environmental or political issues. 

What we do

Order Tramadol 50Mg Online ESD gather a diverse a group of stakeholders, including NGOs, activists, government representatives and corporations, and facilitate their dialogue with students through workshops, lectures, in-house days or case studies.‍

2021 theme

This year’s theme is DIY – Do It Yourself Sustainability. Given Covid-19, most of the time we stay at home. Therefore, our focus this year during the ESD is to convey knowledge to the participants on how to be sustainable from the comfort of your own home. We will achieve that through a mixture of online and offline events, organised by a team of 9 passionate students.
Join the team!
Deputy General Manager and Operations Officer

In this role, you will act as the right hand of the General Manager and are responsible for the operational side of the ESDs, from keeping track of meetings, to contacting university authorities as well as recruiting volunteers and ambassadors. Moreover, you will be in charge of creating and updating event schedules and descriptions, and making sure they align with the theme and strategy of ESD 2021. Lastly, you will be in charge of organizing all logistics before and during the events, such as arranging room and equipment bookings, goodie bags or overseeing ticket sales.

Financial Officer

The Financial Officer is the treasurer of the ESD. Your responsibilities include drafting forecasted and actual budgets, creating sponsorship plans and applying for funds. You will also create and manage invoices, purchase goods and draft contracts. Finally, you will analyze the financials to ensure effective use of resources.
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Marketing Officers

As Marketing Officer, you will be in charge of the entire marketing of ESD. This includes planning out and maintaining a consistent brand image that is consistent with ESH and participating companies. Moreover, you will be in charge of designing and copywriting all marketing materials, and ensuring there is substantial visual documentation during the ESD. Lastly, you will be creating representative press kits and clear editorial plans.
External Relations Officers External Relations Officers are in charge of the majority of communication with external parties. You are responsible for finding and contacting potential sponsors, companies and student associations that will result in a valuable contribution to the theme of ESD. Moreover, you will be the one attending personal (or online) meetings to clarify any collaboration details. In this role, you must communicate essential event changes, gather constant feedback and maintain good relationships overall.

Tech Officer

Ordering Tramadol From Canada As Tech Officer, you are the technology handyman of the ESD. Your main tasks include the design and creation of the ESD website, as well as making sure all the information posted is clear, accessible and up to date. Moreover, you are in charge of designing and creating an ESD mobile app for participants, with the latest schedules, notifications and discounts, and ensure its functionality is maintained before and throughout the ESD. Lastly, you will be helping the Marketing Officers with after movie coordination.