Food & Agriculture MAnager

Shape the future by paving the way! As Food & Agriculture Manager, you represent the Food & Agriculture pillar and all food and agriculture related topics at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub. Therefore, you have a passion for food and plant-based cooking and you are concerned with where your food comes from and how it is produced. Primarily, you will be in charge of managing the food and agriculture committee. This entails being an engaging and open-minded leader, by motivating your team and delegating tasks. Also, you will be responsible for monitoring already existing projects such as RefEURastation and the Food Data Base. Next to that, you will be the main contact point for Edible EUR, you will actively support the team and help with the organizational part of the project where necessary. Additionally, you will be in charge of working actively with the Erasmus Food Lab, which aims to p romote and raise awareness about sustainable and healthy food. As such, you will organize weekly cooking workshops and manage the collaboration requests from external partners. You will also support the Food Lab to create content such as videos, recipes, infographics etc. to share among the campus community.  Overall, you will be responsible for raising awareness on food related topics, by creating new collaboration and creative events with external partners. This includes the recurrent events, such as “Cooking with an Expert”, but also the development of new initiatives throughout the year. Finally, you will actively work together with the other board members to commonly create events and projects on transdisciplinary topics, and contribute to the overall strategy of the Hub.

Food & Agriculture's Main Responsibilities include:

  • Being the face of the Food pillar 
  • Supervising the F&A committee while empowering them and ensuring a positive, fun, and creative work environment 
  • Coordinating the Erasmus Food Lab team: Manage the weekly cooking workshops; Support the creation of content (videos, recipes, infographics) on social media channels of the Food Lab; Manage the recurring events, such as, ‘Cooking with an Expert’
  • Collaborating with external parties for food-related purposes 
  • Being the main contact point for Edible EUR and Bee The Change
  • Being the main contact person to the RefEURastation project
  • Being the main contact person for Zero Waste Rotterdam (external partner)
  • Being a team player and contributing to the overall Hub strategy along with your fellow board members To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter (max. 1 page) to before May 17th, 2020, at 23h59.

In your motivation letter, you can indicate a maximum of two board positions that you are interested in. Please provide motivation as to why you are suited to these positions and any other relevant ideas or information you would like us to know.

The approximate working hours as a board member is around 20 hours. However, this is just an estimate and a board position requires immense dedication to spend 20+ hours on this job.

Become our Food & Agriculture Manager