The number of our external partners grows every year. Thanks to them, the Erasmus Sustainability Hub is able to reach its mission and spread awareness to a larger audience.


External parties allow us to grow and to create a close sustainable community with partners from outside the university. All contributing to the Erasmus Sustainability Hub in our own unique way, we are able to collectively change mindsets and strongly work together in order to make a difference.

We are always open to new long-term partnerships with organizations. If you believe we could both mutually benefit from each other, please contact us for any partnership proposal via: and let’s make a change together โบนัส

If you are also interested in collaborating and being part of our flagship event, the Erasmus Sustainability Days, please contact us via: . As the biggest sustainability event on campus, you will be able to empower students to break barriers and create positive societal impact. More information can be found on the Erasmus Sustainability Days page