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You can become a change maker by financially helping  our work at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub. This is your chance to invest in a more inclusive and sustainable future. 



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Doing a board year at the ESHub will be unforgettable. Apart from all the organizational and leadership skills, you will also learn to be creative, think out of the box and guide a group of inspirational individuals that strive for a common goal. Most of all, you will learn from the people you will meet and the diverse events you will help organize.


May 8
Panel Discussion: the Rana Plaza Disaster
May 10
Clear up the mind, Clear up the World
May 14
Vegan Challenge in Aloha
May 15
Tomorrow | Documentary
May 15
Indonesian Cooking Class
May 18
Eco|Art Festival
May 21
Zero Waste Meal
May 22
After Tomorrow: Systems Change for a Resilient Society
May 24
Final Clothing Swap Party!
May 31
Green Bootcamp Challenge: Healthy City Tour
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