erasmus food lab

Tramadol Overnight Delivery Visa The Erasmus Food Lab collaborates with the ESH Food Committee to promote sustainable, plant-based food consumption to Erasmus students and staff. We do this through cooking workshops, lectures, interactive events, and research. All these things take place in the state of the art kitchen by the office of the Sustainability Hub.

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post plastic generation Waste is one of the most prominent issues the world is currently facing and can be found everywhere within our society, and the Waste Committee’s goal is to collectively raise awareness about this global problem and incite collaborations to come up with sustainable effective solutions to tackle it.

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rethinK apparel Rethink Apparel aims to make sustainable fashion more accessible to students by raising awareness about the urgent need for sustainability in the fashion industry as well as by promoting slow fashion. We also encourage individuals to take part in and contribute to sustainable alternatives, and serve as an educational platform about the dire environmental and social impacts of the fast fashion industry. Learn More

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campus garden & beehive

Buy Cheap Tramadol Overnight This is not just any ordinary garden. It is full of edible plants; fruits, vegetables and herbs, all planted and maintained by students and staff. We even have our own bee palace and are very proud to say that everything here is grown according to principles of natural or sustainable farming.

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bee the change

Students take care of the campus bees together with the beekeeper of Immeke | Bee the Change. We inspire, build, amaze and share knowledge on and around campus about bees and other pollinating insects.

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edible eur

EcoCoin is a digital currency that encourages and rewards sustainable action. Started during the ESDs, it is the first sustainable currency worldwide to be used year round on a university campus. The EcoCoin EUR team aims to make the university campus more sustainable, starting by its students, by promoting the use of EcoCoin and encouraging the student body to be environmentally conscious!

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sutainability consulting

Concerns and awareness about the importance of sustainability grows every year. The transition to a sustainable society is becoming an obvious and a necessary condition for maintaining the quality of our life on earth. As a student association, some of your actions negatively impact the environment. It is your responsibility and your duty to change this. The ESHub is here to help you. Learn More