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As the Marketing & Promotion manager, you will be primarily responsible for the visibility and external image of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub. You will be directly managing a large and diverse team of creative and experienced individuals with a passion for marketing and sustainability. Your role involves overseeing the Hub’s social media channels, marketing plans for events and projects, photographing and documenting events, managing our website and our graphic design. The challenging part of your role is to effectively manage a large team and ensure that all tasks are aligned with the Hub’s vision and activities. In particular, your social media responsibilities involve managing the daily posts of various channels and developing clear social media strategies, both of which must engage our online community and ensure our events are accurately marketed. In addition to online marketing, you will also manage a team who creates the marketing strategies and administratively implements the plan for our events by collaborating with various committees within the Hub. Lastly, you will also be responsible for coordinating a team of graphic designers. This team is responsible for creating event banners, informative infographics, and social media graphics. Most importantly, as these different teams all operate within the marketing committee, as the Marketing & Promotion Manager, you will have to ensure that their efforts align and that collectively, your teams all strive for the same end goals. As such, this position must be filled by someone who has proficient communication skills, is flexible and well-organized, is a team player, and has a clear future vision in mind. 

Tramadol Hcl 50 Mg Purchase In addition to managing the marketing team, you will also be responsible for overlooking the Erasmus Sustainability Days marketing team and our “Let’s Talk Trash” student podcast.

Marketing & Promotion Manager Main Responsibilities include:

  • Managing a large team responsible for all marketing activities
  • Developing marketing strategies of events and social media 
  • Managing of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), website, graphic design, paid advertisement, offline and online promotion 
  • Managing the visibility and external appearance of the Hub
  • Planning photography & video coverage of events and projects
  • Managing the student podcast “Let’s Talk Trash” 
  • Overlooking the ESD marketing team To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter (max. 1 page) to before May 17th, 2020, at 23h59.

Tramadol 100Mg Online In your motivation letter, you can indicate a maximum of two board positions that you are interested in. Please provide motivation as to why you are suited to these positions and any other relevant ideas or information you would like us to know.

The approximate working hours as a board member is around 20 hours. However, this is just an estimate and a board position requires immense dedication to spend 20+ hours on this job.

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