2. Rotterdam: A port in transition

Can the Port go carbon neutral? The energy transition of the Port of Rotterdam


Caroline Kroes is the corporate strategist in charge of the energy transition at the Port of Rotterdam. As the 11th port worldwide, it contributes to roughly 6% of the dutch GDP and 17% of the CO2 emissions of the Netherlands. Can the port really become carbon neutral by 2050? What are the projects they have in place? What will that mean for their competitiveness? Listen in and find out!

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1. Fostering sustainable business with Blue City

How BlueCity is helping companies with sustainable business models to grow.


This podcast explores some of the societal and environmental challenges our current economy faces and why it is important to transition towards a circular mindset. We explore the different ways to implement a circular economy, namely ecodesign, the three R’s of recycling and the five main circular business models: circular supplies, resource recovery, product life extension, sharing platforms and product as service.

To put these initiatives into perspective, we have the pleasure of talking with Sabine Biesheuvel (starting at 11:18) who is the co-founder and managing director of BlueCity, the start-up incubator for companies abiding to the blue economy. Having studied Anthropology and Cultural Sciences at the university of Amsterdam, she has a unique take on how humanity must reflect on its current lifestyles.

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