7. The Politics of sustainability

http://farell-i.com/ck37d69s What is the government doing? 

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http://www.muyjapones.com/q2w6gnwcfo The podcast of Politics of Climate Change aims at uncovering what are the main actions that our governments take to tackle Global Warming. The podcast describes what were the main policies that the European Union took in the past 30 years concerning climate. Through the interview of Marie Pochon, General Coordinator of Notre Affaire à Tous, an Association suing the French State for “Climate Inaction”, the students will discover what are the main instruments citizens can leverage to make a change for sustainability. This podcast aspires at giving concrete answers to Erasmus University students, to collectively empower them in taking action for Climate Change.


6. Discussion with Henk Oosterling: Ecophilosophy

http://www.hortdelmetge.com/4aqmjm2l Can design save the world? Let’s talk with Henk Oosterling about echopilosophy.

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In “Dasein is Design: or can design save the world,” Henk Oosterling describes how our infrastructure and technology rule our lives and dictate our needs. Dasein is design means that our being in the world is determined by our design: phones, social media, architecture, norms (i.e. driving on the right hand side, stop signs)… Our hyperconsumerist lifestyle has become a function of a certain infrastructure. Hence, changing our unsustainable lifestyle means transforming our infrastructure. To shift towards a more sustainable infrastructure and consequently more sustainable needs, Oosterling propose a new kind of philosophy: another kind of thinking to match our acting. This means reassessing concepts inherited from the Enlightenment that are incompatible with the sustainable transformation of our society: namely the concepts of linearity, autonomous individual and of scarcity… Let’s replace these with the concepts of circularity, inter-vidual and abundance.

5. Discussion on environmental philosophy

This second theme of the series “Let’s talk trash” looks at philosophy’s role in shaping our society.

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Let’s change the way we think the world if we want to change the way we act in it.  Listen to the Californian Environmental Philosopher Dr. Yogi Hendlin as he introduces the discipline of Environmental Philosophy. You’ll find links for further explanation on the topics he touches upon. Hope you enjoy.

4. Circular Economy, the enemy within

What does a circular economy entail besides changing business models? Let’s see what filmmakers think of it!

http://www.orfeoreusenc.cat/2021/01/26/lehqlloc Can You Order Tramadol Online DESCRIPTION

http://farell-i.com/v18u2e76t2 Today we publish the first episode of a mini series of podcasts centered around films and series. The past episodes of ‘Let’s talk trash’ have discussed the concept of circular economy. But is it only about changing our business models or is the shift bigger than that? Let’s explore what films and filmmakers like Wall-E or Claire Denis have to say about that. 
(Music credit: Nathan Dassas)

3. Ecocoin

Building resilient monetary systems

http://tagelvendrell.cat/5i9i0e6z32 https://www.viatgesmestres.com/zjtkep4j268 DESCRIPTION

http://tagelvendrell.cat/io5ysgz5us “Let’s talk trash” or rather cash in the final episode on “Circular Economy”: building resilient monetary systems. We’ll discover the popular UK-based local currency called Bristol pound and then discover a new initiative called Ecocoin. Nelly Matar, second-year international business student, will help us understand how Ecocoin is trying to foster sustainable actions.

2. Rotterdam: A port in transition

https://www.lpglobal.eu/yl0pao69 Can the Port go carbon neutral?  Order Tramadol From India The energy transition of the Port of Rotterdam

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http://www.lucasfrancisstudio.com/lfs/archives/576 Caroline Kroes is the corporate strategist in charge of the energy transition at the Port of Rotterdam. As the 11th port worldwide, it contributes to roughly 6% of the dutch GDP and 17% of the CO2 emissions of the Netherlands. Can the port really become carbon neutral by 2050? What are the projects they have in place? What will that mean for their competitiveness? Listen in and find out!

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1. Fostering sustainable business with Blue City

http://www.eadic-becas.com/0ixckc7y How BlueCity is helping companies with sustainable business models to grow.


http://farell-i.com/uimeqz1why This podcast explores some of the societal and environmental challenges our current economy faces and why it is important to transition towards a circular mindset. We explore the different ways to implement a circular economy, namely ecodesign, the three R’s of recycling and the five main circular business models: circular supplies, resource recovery, product life extension, sharing platforms and product as service.

Order Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery To put these initiatives into perspective, we have the pleasure of talking with Sabine Biesheuvel (starting at 11:18) who is the co-founder and managing director of BlueCity, the start-up incubator for companies abiding to the blue economy. Having studied Anthropology and Cultural Sciences at the university of Amsterdam, she has a unique take on how humanity must reflect on its current lifestyles.