Board (2019-2020)

Doing a board year at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub is definitely a year you will never forget. Apart from all the organizational and leadership skills you will develop throughout the year, you will learn to be creative, think out of the box and guide a group of inspirational individuals that strive for a common goal. Most of all, you will learn from the people you will meet, the motivation of every single individual and the various and diverse events that you and your team will organize.

Becoming a board member

As a board member you are proactive, ambitious and dedicated. You are a team player and people can count on you. You support the other board members where you can. If issues arise you share responsibility together and work on solutions together. You communicate openly and are open to feedback from other board members and (committee) members. You actively want to commit to this amazing one-year learning process and enjoy to develop yourself on various aspects. You like to try new things and step out of your comfort zone.

As the board of this young organization, you will have the flexibility to give your input in the structure and organization of the ESH, if you believe this will benefit the future of the organization. In addition, you have a lot of freedom to take on projects, start new events or collaborations, involve new students, start research groups and more on the themes that ESH is working on: Fashion & Goods, Waste and Food & Agriculture.  All board members commit to represent these themes. You are motivated to make the most out of it together and create new events, projects and partnerships. You are also responsible and organized and like to develop your leadership skills further by guiding committees and projects groups.

But most important of all, you have an affinity with sustainability and feel an urge to make a change in the campus community and beyond!

You can read more on the dedicated page on the various board positions!


Community and Operations Manager

Marketing and Promotion Manager

Waste Manager

Food and Agriculture Manager

Fashion and Goods Manager

General Requirements

  • You are available for a full year.
  • You will collectively organize and participate in the introduction week of the university to welcome new students, Eurekaweek 2019 (so you are available from 19th  – 22nd of August).
  • You are available for 20 hours each week.

Apply now!

To apply, please send you CV and motivation letter to before the 1st of May.

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