You have a passion for food and plant-based cooking and you are concerned with where your food comes from and how it is produced. You have the ambition to work actively on projects and events with an ambitious team of students on the themes of sustainable Food & Agriculture. These themes are one of the pillars the ESH is working on and you are motivated to commit to represent this in the projects and events of the ESH.

You have the amazing opportunity to work actively with the Erasmus Food Lab. The Erasmus Food Lab aims to promote and raise awareness about sustainable and healthy food. It also is an actual kitchen on campus inside the Sustainability Hub where we host various cooking workshops for organizations and students. But, the Food Lab does more than cooking workshops, it also tries to actively contribute to students’ understanding of sustainable food, shares recipes and works with the caterers on campus to help them with their transition to a sustainable business model. You will be coordinating the team of students working with the Food Lab and be actively involved to spread the Food Lab’s message across the university and beyond. You will support the team of the Food Lab to create content such as videos, recipes, infographics etc. to share among the campus community. Furthermore, you support the creation and preparation of events and manage the weekly ‘After class cooking’ workshops.

For the event ‘Cooking with an Expert’ we work together with professors and organizations that share their story while cooking. You will maintain already existing contacts and partners and pursue new partnerships for this event and other events and projects. 

Next to that, you will be the main contact point for Edible EUR, you will actively support this team and help with the organisational part of the project where necessary. Edible EUR wants to use the green space on campus to grow food. And we will!  By the end of this academic year, the university will have its very own campus garden and even bees on campus!

Additionally, we recently started the Food Database project and the RefEURestation project. The Food Database projects aims to create a platform where consumers can see the true impact of the products that they consume on the environment. The RefEURestation project aims to reduce the number of trees destroyed for materials with academic purposes and tries to find ways to associate activities in the university with reforestation projects. You will support the existing teams working on these projects and you will be their main contact point. You will also help them where necessary on the development project.

Furthermore, you will actively work together with the other board members that represent the theme Waste and Fashion & Goods to create events and projects together on transdisciplinary topics. All themes in sustainability are very much interlinked so try to interlink our own projects and events and cross boundaries.


  • Knowledge of plant-based cooking and/or sustainable food (production) is a plus.

Your main tasks:

  • Support the creation of events and initiation of projects on the theme of Fashion & Agriculture.
  • Coordinate the Erasmus Food Lab team:
    • Manage the weekly cooking workshops.
    • Support the creation of content (videos, recipes, infographics, informational posts) on social media channels of the Food Lab (Facebook, Website).
    • Manage the recurring events, such as, ‘Cooking with an Expert’.
  • Be the main contact point for Edible EUR and actively support the Edible EUR team.  
  • Be a contact point for the beekeeper.
  • Maintain a good relationship with existing partners and pursue new partnerships.
  • Support the Food Database and RefEURestation project.
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