You have a passion for sustainability and truly motivated to reduce our impact on this planet. You are engaged with topics such as recycling, upcycling, zero-waste, circular business models and other innovative ways to reduce waste (in our consumption). You have the ambition to work actively on projects and events related to these topics with an ambitious team of students. The theme Waste is one of the pillars the ESH is working on and you are motivated to commit to represent this in the projects and events of the ESH.

Currently at the campus we have an action group called ‘Post Plastic Generation’ who work actively with the ESH on the topic of plastic and waste. You will be their contact person, maintain a nice interactive relationship and collaborate with them on various events and projects.

Next to that, you will keep in touch with students from Uni-Life, the initiative on campus that tries to eliminate flyers on campus and CirculEUR, another student initiative that recycles plastic from campus into a filament that can be used by a 3D printer.

Together with your team (and Post Plastic Generation) you will design and carry out additional waste reduction initiatives on campus and complementary campaigns, such as, for example, the cup-sharing scheme with implement in the Sport Café.  

We currently work with the university on the recycling campaign and with RSM BV on the waste and recycling policies. You will continue this collaboration and try to pursue new partnerships within the university, and beyond, for new projects and events.  

As this position is a new as a board position, you have the freedom to decide to create a committee or various projects teams. It is up to you! As this theme is getting more and more attention, you will certainly need to gather a team of motivated students that help you to create projects, events and workshops to communicate the importance of sustainable practices within this field. There are so many cool events you can do, be creative!

The focus of the positions is on waste, but we are fully aware that there are more topics than Food & Agriculture, Fashion & Good and Waste relevant for the transition to healthy, sustainable ecosystem. One of these topics is energy and we think it would be of value if the ESH would also emphasize this topic. The energy production, consumption and transition are extremely important topics for universities, for Rotterdam and for people on a personal level. At the ESH we mainly focus on themes where we can have a direct impact or make a local change, but as this topic is of such importance, when the opportunity arises to collaborate on this theme or whenever somebody has an exciting idea for an event or project, you will support them to make it happen!  

Furthermore, you will actively work together with the other board members that represent the themes Fashion & Goods and Food & Agriculture to create events and projects together on transdisciplinary topics. All themes in sustainability are interlinked so try to connect your projects and events to other themes and cross boundaries.

Your main tasks:

  • Support the creation of events and initiation of projects on the theme of Waste.
  • Manage the Waste teams/committee.
  • Maintain a good relationship with existing partners and pursue new partnerships.
  • Design and carry out additional waste reduction initiatives and campaigns.
  • Represent the theme of Waste within the ESH.
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