Rethink Apparel

The fashion pillar, represented by the brand Rethink Apparel, aims to make sustainable fashion more accessible to students by raising awareness about the urgent need for sustainability in the fashion industry as well as by promoting slow fashion. We also encourage individuals to take part in and contribute to sustainable alternatives, and serve as an educational platform about the dire environmental and social impacts of the fast fashion industry.

WHY is SUSTAINABLE FAshion important?

Currently the fashion industry, as the second most polluting industry, faces large-scale problems of social inequality, overproduction and -consumption, climate change, environmental degradation, and human rights abuses. Fast fashion inherently embodies a lack of job security and a living wage, as well as gender-, culture- and race-oriented discrimination. 

Approximately 100 billion new garments are produced every year, of which a fifth go unsold. The increased production and decreased lifespan of clothes cause millions of tonnes of textile waste to be landfilled or incinerated annually, amounting up to one garbage load per second globally.


Our main activity is the monthly clothing swap where students and university staff alike can swap their old clothes to new ones. Those not bringing anything are welcome as well, only then they must donate through a ‘pay-what-you-like’ system whilst contributing to a sustainable alternative. Other activities of Rethink Apparel include workshops, fashion exhibitions, online series, and seminars.

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