Secretary & Treasurer

Shape the future by paving the way!

As the secretary & treasurer of the Hub, you have a diverse portfolio of tasks and responsibilities. These tasks involve every aspect of organization and administration, from committees to projects, to members, and of course the board. Your main responsibilities will evolve around financial-, operational- and administrative tasks. Your work will form the organizational basis where the board, committees and projects can build upon. 

From a financial- and operational perspective, you will have to maintain an overview of the activities of ESH projects and committees. Whether it is creating and updating the yearly budget, legal related tasks or membership registrations, this will all be your responsibility. You are the contact person for any board member or active/passive members with practical questions regarding the Hub’s structure, organization, and events/activities. Most of your tasks are behind the scenes, thus making them very crucial for the planning and execution of our activities and events

Since your responsibilities are crucial to the organization as a whole, for the execution of some tasks, you will have to work closely together with the Chair. Some examples of this cooperation include the creation of the strategy, the year plan, the Erasmus Sustainability Days and new partnerships. You will be the Chair’s right arm and work together with the Board to make these tasks a success.

Secretary & Tresurer’s Main Responsibilities include:

  • Managing the financial administration (budgeting, invoicing, creating cash flow overviews, approving budgets)
  • Managing operations (orders, administrative work, pick-ups)
  • Functioning as the right arm of Chair
  • Managing legal related activities (board grants, member registrations, terms & conditions, privacy concerns, KvK, etc.)
  • Supervising the ESH – Webshop project
  • Supervising the EcoCoin project
  • Being the main contact person to the Mindfulness Project
  • Being the main contact person to the ESD Committee (together with the Chair and Marketing Manager)
  • Supervising the Events Committee (together with the Chair)


To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter (max. 1 page) to before May 17th, 2020, at 23h59.

In your motivation letter, you can indicate a maximum of two board positions that you are interested in. Please provide motivation as to why you are suited to these positions and any other relevant ideas or information you would like us to know.

The approximate working hours as a board member is around 20 hours. However, this is just an estimate and a board position requires immense dedication to spend 20+ hours on this job.


Become our Secretaty & Treasurer

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