The Erasmus Sustainability Hub is looking for new committee members and project leaders

The Hub is run by an enthusiastic team of Erasmus University students who are connected by their devotion to sustainability and making a meaningful difference in our university community. Our ideas and projects evolve from the local issues that we observe on campus, as well as the global issues that we are personally passionate about. Collectively, our team brings initiatives to the Erasmus University community to showcase the many forms that sustainability thinking and behaviour can take.

Join us in the drive for change! Apply to one of our many committees and projects! 

How to apply: Email us your CV and motivation letter at 

Deadline: 20th of September

To learn more about these positions, attend our Recruitment Drinks and our Official Welcome Drinks!

Community Committee

The goal of this committee is to act as the heart of the Sustainability Hub by connecting all sustainability enthusiasts and like-minded students with each other. This will enable the community to grow, learn from one another, and broaden our network.

Members of this committee are responsible for organizing cooking/lifestyle workshops, to field trips to sustainability-centered companies like BlueCity, and more.

This committee will require creativity to sketch events for internal and external members, that are both fun and knowledgeable. It provides a perfect opportunity to come up with your own ideas, as you will be the pioneers of this committee! It needs people who are approachable and open-minded, so that the community can grow and find more like-minded people!

The Waste committee

Our goal is to collectively raise awareness about waste and together come up with sustainable effective solutions to tackle this worldwide problem.

The members of this committee are responsible for organizing, initiating and supporting projects concerned with waste management and up-cycling. The activities of a committee include lots of brainstorming, organizing and planning. You will be working alongside project teams and Post Plastic Generation on projects, helping them and creating new ideas as well as expanding the scope of already existing projects such as Cupsharing or Refuse Plastic Movement. It’s a great opportunity for you to bring new ideas to the table because any idea is welcome! Do you enjoy working with people, creating effective solutions and getting your hands dirty as a change maker? Then come join our waste committee!

There will be assigned roles of promotion, external and internal relations and finances that rotate every project. 4-5 positions are open.

The Fashion Committee

Did you know that three-fifths of all clothing items end up in an incinerator or landfill within a year of being produced? (McKinsey, 2016) 

This committee has the role of  managing the EURWardrobe, an initiative that gives students the opportunity to swap their clothes and grab something new! This year, we want to organize lots of clothing swaps and informative sessions about the fashion industry’s impact and what companies around the world are doing to battle the consequences of the fashion & textile industry. We will also communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders such as charities, upcyclers/recyclers, and other student associations to ensure the clothing items end up at the right places. 

We are looking for a team that is creative, passionate, approachable, enthusiastic, and organized. 

The Food & Agriculture Committee

Do you like cooking and meeting people? Do you want to help students and staff of EUR to be more food conscious, by organising events and promoting an ideal campus when it comes to food?

The Food & Agriculture committee will organise food-related events on campus, including monthly ‘cooking with an expert’ workshops starring a guest but also other events, such as movie screenings. You will also creatively think about new ways to have an impact on campus, such as proposing ideas to policy makers or create original events, in collaboration with other committees and teams of the hub, but also with other associations. Last but not least, you will assist during cooking workshops!

The workload will be about 6 to 10 hours a week, depending on the number of workshops you attend. You can expect to be part of a motivated  and diverse team who will have a durable impact at EUR, as well as food or financial compensation depending on the type of workshop!

The Marketing & Promotion Committee

This committee aims to inform everyone about who The Erasmus Sustainability is, what we do, and how individuals themselves can help make a change. In this committee you will work closely with a team of designers to bring the Hub’s vision to life, as well as implement your own creative ideas. This committee involves online and offline promotion of the Hub’s mission and of the projects and events we take on throughout the year. 

You must be an enthusiastic, creative, hardworking, flexible, and communicative individual. 

Social media manager – you will work with our designers to keep our social media channels updated. You will be able to help inspire students on campus to follow a more conscious lifestyle, as well as keep everyone updated on what the Hub is up to. A basic knowledge of social media statistics and algorithms (mainly Facebook) is required. Experience with design tools such as illustrator and photoshop are welcome!

Website manager – you will be responsible for the content and presentation of our website. Because we the hub is expanding, the website requires constant care. You will have the opportunity to design and be creative with all of the content in the website. Previous experience with WordPress and Elementor are required.

Promotion manager – you will be responsible for creating and executing a detailed marketing plan for our larger events. You will work closely with one other promotion manager, the rest of the Marketing & Promotion Committee and with the event organizers of the Hub. You will have the opportunity to get creative with the branding of the Hub as well as bring your ideas to life.

If you are passionate about marketing and do not see a position that fits your interests in the description above, apply! We are always looking for innovative students with fresh ideas!

The Mindfulness Project

The Meditation Committee of the Sustainability Hub is currently organizing an 8-week meditation course based on Raja Yoga teachings! It will include guest lecturers, but the bulk of the course will be led by Vesna. We hope to offer an accessible course that will teach people to learn about themselves, decondition their mind and work with their thoughts, breathing and posture.

This initiative is new and therefore needs motivated members who are willing to help take this idea off the ground by being proactive and creative!

We are looking for members who are organized and interested in taking over the logistics and operational side of the committee. 

“Everything starts from you – if you experience it, you feel it, you think it” – Vesna

"Let's Talk Trash" Podcast

The “Let’s Talk Trash” is the Hub’s official weekly podcast where we bring on students, teachers and professionals to discuss a wide array of topics regarding sustainability. Each episode is hosted by passionate students with knowledge to share and enthusiasm to explore sustainable issues further. The podcasts features interviews with professionals and knowledgeable students.

Have a look at the Podcast

Project Manager  – Has the role of curating the entirety of “Let’s Talk Trash”. Finding hosts for the podcast and logically organising discussed topics. Make sure everyone is doing their job. In addition to having a holistic vision for “Let’s Talk Trash”, this is a leadership role that demands persistence when inviting potential hosts. The podcast is nothing without hosts.

Head Writer – Provides writing assistance and works closely with hosts in order for them to flesh out their podcast. Suggests further readings on the discussed topics and helps reach out to professionals. This is a research role that demands a broad understanding of sustainable issues and willingness to continue learning through literature or interview questions.

Sound Tech – Recording, editing and processing the audio for the podcast. Must have experience with a Digital Audio Workstation and recording equipment. Must have a basic understanding of audio EQ, compression and automation. This is a technical role that demands a lot of time, patience and practical skills (the individual in this role will be monetary compensated). 

Hosts – We are already looking for hosts for next year. If you are interested and have a topic you wish to discuss and/or professionals you want to interview. Get in contact with us and we can start planning your podcast. If you end up liking it you might became a reoccurring voice on “Let’s Talk Trash”. (This is a rotating position)

The Webshop

The Sustainable Webshop is a project which aspires to spread sustainable products on campus. Our goal is to create an online store and physical showroom of sustainable products at Erasmus University, which offers a convenient location for students and staff to easily purchase from one platform.

Are you interested in managing a store with amazing products such as steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes, water bottles, cleaning products, hygiene products, and more? We are looking for a new team of highly motivated students! We need people who are organized, responsible, and approachable. Members of this committee must be proactive to source new partners and products for the shop. The positions include:

Operations Manager – responsible for the coordination of order delivery and pick-ups, the smooth running of the physical and online shops, and actively welcoming people to buy our products. 

Communications Manager – responsible for actively engaging with partners, and also contacting potential partners to broaden our product portfolio.


EcoCoin aims to be The Sustainable Currency of our University. We will be the place where all sustainability minded individuals will converge and be rewarded by their actions. No other university has tried this system. We will be the first ones to do it.

To bring this idea to life, we need a team of strongly motivated individuals with a sense of purpose. We are looking for people to take care of projecting our image; establish collaborations with companies and other organizations; deal with our finances; and take care of the events we present. The workload is about 6 hours per week.

Foodlab Research Team

Do you want to know more about the food habits of students of Erasmus? Are you ready to show how a slight change can have a large impact? 

The Erasmus Food Lab is looking for motivated and curious minds to conduct surveys on food behaviour of Erasmus University students. You will analyze and draw conclusions upon the results. You will also enhance the research page of the Food Lab website using past studies. You will use both the results of the survey and the past studies to promote sustainable food habits to the staff and students. 

The workload is about 6-8 hours a week.

Online Foodies

Do you enjoy taking photos of your meals to share them or simply to remember how delicious they were?  Do you have an appeal for social media and creating content? Do you want to use your skills to promote sustainable lifestyle? 

The Erasmus Food Lab is recruiting students to be in charge of online channels, including the website, our social media (Facebook & Instagram). You will also promote the cooking workshops and develop our online recipe book. Previous experience with WordPress is very much appreciated.

The workload will be around 6-8 hours a week.

The Erasmus Sustainability Days Committee

As a member of the ESD committee, you will be responsible for organizing the biggest sustainability event on campus: the Erasmus Sustainability Days! 

This year, the event will last an entire week during which students and professors will be able to sign up for various events such as workshops, business cases, round table sessions, speeches, movie screenings or even cooking workshops. All events will be held in collaboration with numerous guests and partners, coming from local start-ups, multinationals, but also EUR students introducing their own sustainable initiatives. 

As an ESD committee member, you will work around 6 to 8 hours per week until the event. You will think about innovative ideas and ways to raise awareness on campus and make this event a great success! 

 This year, 7 positions are open: 

ESD manager – you will act as the right hand of the Chair. You will be in charge of the overall planning of the event and will make sure everything goes according to plan throughout the year. You will be in constant communication with every committee members and will work very closely with the Chair. 

Key skills for this position: organization, motivation, team spirit, leadership, communication.

External Relations manager: Student Associations – you will be in charge of the collaborations with student associations. As such, you will reach out to EUR student associations that could potentially take part in the ESD. You will be in constant communication with the associations concerned and will jointly plan the events. You will work closely with the two other eternal relations managers. 

Key skills for this position: organization, communication, motivation, open-mindedness.

External Relations manager: University – you will be in charge of the communication with the university. As such, you will be in constant communication with the concerned university members to make sure the event is carefully planned according to the university’s laws and requirements. You will also reach out to the university staff about their potential participation in the event, speakers or as participants. You will work closely with the two other internal relations managers. 

Key skills for this position: organization, communication, motivation, diplomacy, writing.

External Relations manager: Companies – you will be in charge of finding companies that are willing to take part in the event to present their sustainable plans and initiatives. As such, you will use the hub’s current network and broaden it by looking for new talents and opportunities. You need to be ambitious and open-minded. You will work closely with the two other external relations managers.  

Key skills for this position: organization, communication, motivation, diplomacy, ambition.

Operations manager – you will be in charge of all the internal IT organization. You will keep the website up to date, manage the ticket sales and keep track of the registrations. As such, you need to have some basic IT skills and strong organizational skills to thoroughly keep track of numbers. You will work closely with the financial manager and the two marketing managers. 

Key skills for this position: organization, motivation, IT, communication, creativity.

Financial manager – you will be in charge of finding sponsors and creating the event’s budget. As such, you will reach out to companies who could potentially sponsor the ESD. You will also create the ESD’s budget and make sure the event is financially feasible. You know the basics of Accounting and some strong organizational skills to thoroughly keep track of the event’s financials. You will work with every committee member to make sure the financials are respected by everyone. 

Key skills for this position: organization, motivation, communication, finance. 

Marketing manager – you will work on the online and offline marketing of the ESD. You will need to build the a brand image and create a detailed marketing plan for the week-long event. In this position you will work closely with the marketing & promotion committee. 

Key skills for this position: organization, motivation, communication, creativity, open-mindedness. 

For more information about the event, please visit our website

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