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The Marketing Committee handles all promotional and marketing-related matters. Our team of graphic designers, web designers, content creators, and social media managers work together to promote the Hub's events, workshops, and vision. The committee is in charge of developing a coherent strategy on LinkedIn and Instagram that promotes sustainability both professionally and in everyday life. Beyond this, committee members work on up-keeping the Hub’s website and newsletter.



Fashion Committee is responsible for organizing any fashion-related events under the name Rethink Apparel such as Fashion Revolution Week, monthly clothing swaps, panel discussions, debates, exhibitions, and way more by making sustainable fashion more accessible and serving as an educational platform. It is raising awareness regarding sustainability in the fashion industry.



Events Committee explores present-day topics and interesting partnerships in order to organize events that cover issues within the broad field of sustainability. With our events, we aim to translate urgent topics into events that are informative and activating at the same time.



The F&A committee is one of the biggest committees of the hub, it organizes a wide range of events all year round. From weekly cooking workshops and gardening sessions to lectures and research, we'll be working hard to offer you a wide range of exciting activities that will bring more sustainability into your life.

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The Sustainability Consulting Committee uses consulting methodologies and scientific research to consult student associations, companies, events, and institutions to implement sustainability in their systems. The team consists of six eager consultants who use a unique approach to every new project based on the culture and needs of the client organization.

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As one of the first associations of its kind, Erasmus Sustainability Hub has set the bar and is proud to serve its loyal, growing community. By providing invaluable resources, unique opportunities and a long-standing network of people who are committed to helping one another, we ensure our members have the tools necessary to succeed. We’re currently accepting new members so if you’re interested in joining, get in touch today.

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