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Sustainability has become way more than a buzzword. As the effects of climate change and pollution are becoming more drastic and visible around the world, sustainability is emerging as a crucial concept in many sectors and areas of life.

Within this transition, renowned universities like Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) play an essential role in driving the ecological transformation. As the student-led heart of sustainability at EUR, the Erasmus Sustainability Hub merges and drives all relevant sustainability efforts on campus, both on an individual, and institutional level.

Founded by students in 2015, we have grown to become one of the largest student initiatives on campus, have assembled hundreds of members, 9.000+ social media followers, and have become a strong and respected voice for sustainability at EUR and beyond.

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We aim to educate, support, and bring together a community of hundreds of engaged students, alumni, academics, and professionals to drive much-needed sustainable progress, both in- and outside of EUR.


We recognise the urge students have to be part of the solution - to be a driving force for positive sustainable change - and we provide them with both a physical location and a communal platform, to take collaborative action together.

As such, we empower and facilitate students to come up with innovative sustainable initiatives, and inspire individuals and institutions to incorporate sustainability into their daily lives, their professions, and the global community as a whole

We also push relentlessly for student representation and institutional change on all levels of EUR, and have made substantial progress in the past year, e.g. when the university gave a Climate Emergency Declaration in 2023 to sharpen its sustainability ambitions.

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We host a wide variety of events, including…

 => Clothing Swaps

=>  Cooking & upcycling Workshops

=>  Workshops for sustainable business strategy

=>  Career fairs with responsible organizations


And holding the university accountable for their sustainability goals, collaborating with faculties, & the university council, and drafting proposals to enhance sustainable, institutional change at EUR

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