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By holding the university accountable for its actions and visions for a sustainable future, the Institutional Change Committee (ICC) is dedicated to fostering positive change. Through collaboration with internal and external actors, we aim to ensure that the voice of students is heard and valued. In this sense, the ICC serves as a vital bridge between students and the university, advocating for a more sustainable approach to all campus-related activities at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Together, we strive for a more sustainable future within the academic community and beyond.


Since its foundation at the start of 2023 as the Task Force Institutional Change for Sustainability, the ICC has created a vast network of sustainability-oriented students and staff, and has contributed to many sustainability initiatives within the university. In collaboration with the University Council, we have submitted a proposal that has been reviewed by the Executive Board, which promotes a transparency campaign, demands critical sustainability education for all students, and requests the opening of an EUR ‘Sustainability Office’.  More recently, we are facilitating the organisation of the university-wide ‘Sustainability Dialogues’, where students and staff alike can voice their opinion about sustainable practices at EUR.  Finally, we are active on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, where our members publish monthly articles about relevant sustainability news at EUR.


In addition to our current projects, we are actively searching for new opportunities and activities in the sustainability domain. As a continuously evolving committee, we are always open to new partnerships or collaborations.   

Are you interested in collaborating with us or do you have any questions? We are more than happy to hear from you! Please reach out to our coordinator at  

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