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EUR Student Rangers- a Collaboration of Erasmus Sustainability Hub, Positive Change Initiative andNationaal Park Rotterdam (NPR)

The lead of the Nationaal Park Rotterdam. Marjolein iscreating a list of opportunities for students to engage in biodiversity restoration projects in the city. The team will be called EUR Student Rangers. All meetings and details will be in English.

Natasza, Levi and Adam (ESH) can you please post the following photo and paragraph on the ESH web page for interested students to see:

Consider being an EUR Student Ranger and join this activeteam. The team is coming together now with some autumn team-building activities. After planning, action projects begin in the Spring. Rotterdam needs our help to protect and restore biodiversity for the good of us all. Receive satisfaction knowing you have helped build resilience in the city and learn a model you can replicate in your home city. All active team members will receive a badge showing commitment and action according to the Nationaal Park Rotterdam project ideas. For information about NPR - their web page (use Chrome to translate Dutch). All EUR meetings and activities will be in English. This is a collaboration of ESH, RSM Positive Change Initiative and Nationaal Park Rotterdam. Send us your name, email address and a copy of your CV with a brief statement of your interest.



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