As chair of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub you are responsible for the general well-being of the organization. You are a real team player. You get along with everybody and people feel comfortable when you are around. You are good at supporting others with their tasks and motivating the other board members to make events and collaborations a success.

You also have a clear vision and are able to develop a good strategy for the year, also taking into account longer term goals. You consider other people’s opinions and recommendations and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

At the weekly board meetings, you are responsible for making the agenda and making sure the board members can work effectively. You also keep an overview on the themes we are working on and the projects that we are executing, together with the community & operations manager, to ensure this is manageable and in line with the mission and strategy of the ESH.

Furthermore, you are a social being. You are at ease in various environments, you like to meet new people and you like to talk. As a chair you are the primary contact point for the university, but also other external and internal organizations. You feel comfortable representing the organization and its events and initiatives.

As you might know, every year in March the ESH hosts the Erasmus Sustainability Days. This is the biggest event on campus we organise! Last year there were four amazing days with lectures, workshops and discussions on sustainability. As a chair you will have the great opportunity to coordinate the ESD committee and be actively involved with the organization of this event. You will support the committee, maintain a strategy for the organization of the ESD and are a contact point for the other organization on campus that are involved in the organization of ESD.

You oversee if the plans of the committees are realistic and doable within the timeframe and budget, but also have nice brainstorm sessions together to make ESD even bigger coming year!

Additionally, you and the community & operations manager will stay in contact with the director of ESH. 

Your main tasks:

  • Support the board of ESH.
  • Lead the board meetings and make the agenda.
  • Coordinate the ESD committee and coordinate the ESD.
  • Main contact point for the university and external organizations.
  • Create and maintain a planning and strategy for the year.
  • Represent the entire organization on various occasions.
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