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EUR Sustainability Summit

STAR Changemaker Forum

The EUR Sustainability Summit, taking place from May 16th to 17th, a collaborative effort featuring events in partnership with the Sustainability Hub and Erasmus Sustainability Days (ESD). The summit offers a diverse program, with some events happening as part of the ESD program on day 5. Participants can find more information about the summit on their website, including details about the Sustainability Summit.


If you're interested in participating in the Sustainability Summit’s events, both those within the ESD program and outside it, please find more information on how to register on their website. Note that the ESD ticket does not cover the Sustainability Summit’s events.

STAR Changemaker Forum will provide workshops on day 4 of ESD. During the workshops participants will delve into a compelling case study centered on innovative sustainable practices, they will gain unparalleled insights into the challenges and triumphs of implementing eco-friendly solutions within a large-scale operation. The sessions aim to spark meaningful conversations on environmental responsibility, offering actionable strategies that can be adopted across various sectors. Through a blend of expert presentations by a business professional and interactive discussions, attendees will explore the latest trends in sustainability, learning how to drive change and make a significant impact on their organizations and the planet. The exact events offered by STAR Changemaker Forum are soon to be announced.  

Learn more and register on their website:
Learn more and register on their website:
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