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15th of May
11:00-13:00 Workshop with Sustainability Consultants from Deloitte

Gain firsthand insights into the realm of Sustainability Consulting and discover what it's like to work as a Sustainability Consultant at Monitor Deloitte. This interactive workshop will be led by Julia Trummer, a senior sustainability consultant at Deloitte, to explore the Sustainability Department at Deloitte and the practice of ESG reporting, which involves disclosing environmental, social, and corporate governance data.

Venue: Langeveld 4.18

*This event has limited spaces and requires sign up
12:30-15:30 Career Fair

The career fair is crafted to introduce students to job opportunities in sustainable companies, as well as local sustainable businesses and initiatives. It's an opportunity to explore what Rotterdam has to offer in terms of sustainable practices. The fair will feature representations from sustainable businesses, initiatives, and study associations. This walkthrough event allows you to engage in conversations with companies recruiting for internships or job positions, purchase sustainable goods, and broaden your understanding of sustainability.

Venue: In front of Erasmus Pavilion

13:30-15:30 Decarbonization Workshop with EY

Through a case study approach, you will delve into decarbonization, scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, and strategies for their reduction. The workshop commences with an introduction to EY, providing insights into their identity and operations. Following this, we explore climate change and its significant challenges before delving into decarbonization. Participants will gain theoretical knowledge about decarbonization and learn techniques for calculating emissions. The case study also involves engagement with science-based target initiatives and various methods for establishing emission reduction goals.

Venue: Polak 2-04

*This event has limited spaces and requires sign up
16:00-18:00 Social Entrepreneurship Workshop with Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

To be announced soon!

Venue: To be announced

*This event has limited spaces and requires sign up
18:00-20:00 Panel Discussion: Tackling Ocean Pollution with The Ocean Cleanup, BP, and an Academic Expert

The panel discussion will focus on sustainability in business, particularly companies' strategies for addressing ocean pollution. The aim is to facilitate collaboration and communication among various industries linked to sustainability, including every relevant stakeholder. The panel will feature three representatives: OceanCleanUp, BP, and an academic expert. A moderator will guide the discussion throughout the event. The themes for the panel will be determined by ESD, with support from student questions. We will gather topics and questions from EUR students to incorporate into the moderator's facilitation of the discussion. Following the panel, there will be an opportunity to pose additional questions to the panelists that may have arisen during the discussion.

Veneue: Q-Building Ground Floor

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