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Meet the team


The Management Team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and cohesion of Erasmus Sustainability Days (ESD). Their responsibilities extend to overseeing and coordinating all departments, fostering collaboration and synergy among team members. Actively engaged in the work trajectories of each department, they provide guidance and support as needed, facilitating the successful execution of tasks and projects. Additionally, the Management Team is dedicated to human resource management, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the team. They strive to ensure that every member feels valued, supported, and empowered to contribute their unique talents and skills to the success of ESD.

Program Development 

The Program Development Team is at the heart of Erasmus Sustainability Days (ESD), responsible for curating and delivering the engaging events that define the essence of our initiative. They are the creative minds behind our program, meticulously crafting themes and determining the focal points of each new edition of ESD. From there, they collaborate closely with partners and collaborators to bring these ideas to life, designing and organizing events that resonate with our audience and advance our mission.


The Marketing Department comprises a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to elevating the presence of Erasmus Sustainability Days (ESD). Comprising two talented design creators, a proficient website developer, and a proactive individual spearheading in-person marketing efforts, their collaborative efforts extend to crafting compelling content for our vibrant social media platforms. Their collective responsibility encompasses all aspects of on-campus marketing, ensuring ESD's initiatives resonate effectively with our campus community. With their creativity and strategic approach, they play a pivotal role in amplifying ESD's reach and impact.


The sponsorship department is reaching out to sustainable companies who have the same values as us and want to support our cause. They are also working closely together with the program development team and connect the sponsors to them so that they can provide an event during ESD. 

The Sponsorship Department is dedicated to forging partnerships with sustainable companies that align with our values and share our commitment tosustainability. Through their proactive efforts, they seek out like-minded organizations eager to support Erasmus Sustainability Days (ESD). Collaborating closely with the Program Development Team, they facilitate connections between sponsors and event opportunities, ensuring a seamless integration of their support within ESD. Their strategic approach and dedication significantly contribute to the successful implementation of Erasmus Sustainability Days."


The Networking Department plays a pivotal role in fostering meaningful connections both within and outside the EUR community for the ESD. Their dedication lies in establishing and nurturing relationships with stakeholders, ensuring a positive image for ESD. Working in close collaboration with other departments, they seamlessly integrate to assist in program development and seek sponsorship opportunities when necessary. Additionally, they oversee selected events organized by Sustainability Hub’s committees for ESD, demonstrating their commitment to the holistic success of the initiative. Furthermore, they orchestrate the annual career fair, providing invaluable opportunities for engagement and professional development. Their unwavering dedication and strategic efforts significantly contribute to the overarching objectives of ESD, exemplifying excellence in networking and community engagement.

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