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DAY 1 

13th of May
11:00-12:30 Opening Ceremony

The ceremony begins with Vice-Dean Ellen van Schoten and the Erasmus Sustainability Hub's Chair, Natasza Ciepal, introducing ESD's main themes. An interactive session follows, focusing on destigmatizing sustainability and elaborating on ESD's concepts. Subsequently, a concise panel discussion on sustainability development at EUR follows, including university executives, international office representatives, EUR sustainability coordinators, and Climate Summit advocates. The event wraps up with refreshments.

Venue: Q-Building Ground Floor

12:30-13:15 Enabling sustainability through tech

In this session we will explore how organizations can measure and track sustainability metrics using data and technology. Measuring sustainability metrics includes defining data elements mapped to the metrics, identifying related external and internal data sources, and ingesting the data from these sources for tracking and reporting.

Session will be facilitated by Dwaipayan (Deep) Nath, Head of BCG Platinion Amsterdam and Head of Sustainability Tech (LAB) and Rishi Ghosh, Lead IT Architect at BCG Platinion

Venue: Langeveld 1.16

14:00-15:30 Lecture on Labour Market Discrimination for International Students held by the SDG Ambassadors 

This lecture centres around SDG 10 - reduced inequality. It focuses on the fact that international students often encounter unconscious discrimination in job opportunities compared to local/EU peers. Limited job prospects stem from economic factors—companies seeking to cut costs—and legal constraints, as student visas restrict work hours. Despite the Netherlands' international nature, securing employment is challenging for non-locals, hindering their sense of belonging and inclusion. Therefore, this lecture focuses on how adapting to cultural differences and learning Dutch customs are crucial, as well as embracing diverse cultures and how it fosters a more inclusive community. The lecture will be provided by Hagar Khermjioui.

Venue: Polak 2-09

14:30-17:00 Sustainability Case Solving with Guidehouse and STAR

During this consultancy event with Guidehouse, your analytical skills will be put to the test. As a participant, you'll gain insight into the role of a consultant. The case, focusing on sustainability, is realistic and includes multiple questions. Students will collaborate in small groups, presenting their findings. The small group setting allows case instructors to offer detailed feedback. The session will conclude with the announcement of the winning group. 

Starting at 16:30, participants will have the chance to informally connect with the consultants.


The case instructors, Madalena Martins (Consultant) and Bart van Lunteren (Managing Consultant), are both part of the Commercial Sustainability team.


About Guidehouse:

Guidehouse is a global management consulting firm advising clients in government, sustainability, and financial services. Their Commercial Sustainability team aids large corporates and financial institutions in decarbonization, covering carbon accounting (scope 1, 2, 3), target setting, decarbonization strategies, and climate and nature-related risk assessments.


The event is open for 3rd year bachelor’s students and master’s students. The selection will be CV-based.

Venue: Langeveld 2.18 & 2.16

15:30-17:00 Workshop around Corporate Sustainability organized by the SDG Ambassadors 
Speaker: Bram Sieben

An engaging workshop addressing SDG 8 - decent work and economic growth, featuring insightful speakers who will delve into the realm of corporate sustainability. Discover firsthand how to cultivate decent work and foster economic growth as we engage in vibrant discussions led by industry experts and students alike.

Venue: Polak 1-20

17:00-18:00 Lecture on Financing the Circular Economy Transition by Metabolic x STAR

The circular economy is an economic model for addressing human needs and fairly distributing resources without undermining the functioning of the biosphere or crossing planetary boundaries. From their experiences in sustainability consulting, Metabolic will present their 'Circular Innovation Collective' program and reflect on their learnings around creating a circular economy in the Netherlands. The lecture will focus on the nuances of financing circular economy ventures, allowing them to become established in circular value chains that make up a circular economy.  

Venue: Mandeville T3-35

18:00-19:30 Opening Drinks and Sustainability Pub Quiz organized in collaboration with STAR

To finish our first day of ESD, we invite you to join our opening drinks. Together with STAR we will do an exciting pub quiz about sustainability. Proof your knowledge and get rewarded with some free drinks!

Venue: Erasmus Sustainability Hub, Mandeville Ground Floor

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