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14th of May
11:30-14:30 Roundtables Discussion with Industry Leaders

The roundtable discussion offers an opportunity to debate the most important sustainability topics together with experts from different industries. Attending companies include Microsoft, Philips, KPMG, PWC,  Rabobank, FairFabrics, Solarplaza, Dassault Systèmes, Milgro, and more. The discussions are designed to have 3 different discussion rounds that will all start with an introduction to the topic. Afterwards the discussion start at each table, which consist of 2 industry experts and 4-5 students. The discussion round will be wrapped up by our moderators after 20 minutes. Then we will have a short break in which everyone find their new table before the next discussion round starts. At the end of the event, there will be time to network with the esteemed professionals.

Venue: Dance Hall Hatta Ground floor

14:00-15:00 Interactive Lecture on the Rights of Sex Workers organized by the Prostitution Information Center (PIC)

Explore the legal framework in the Netherlands and its implications for sex workers during this informative event. Dive into the discrimination sex workers face and gain clarity on distinguishing between sex work and sex trafficking. The lecture will shed light on these important issues and let participants engage in meaningful discussions to deepen understanding and promote awareness.

Venue: Polak 3-09

14:30-16:30 Plastic Credits Case Study with COUNT Consultancy
Join COUNT Consultancy's workshop on the Plastic Credits Market to learn how verifiable plastic credits can help organisations reduce their environmental footprint. Explore how purchasing these credits supports waste management and recycling infrastructure, enhances sustainability efforts, promotes the circular economy and contributes to global plastic waste reduction. This session is perfect for young professionals seeking to understand the integration of circularity into business practices, featuring practical insights and an interactive case study on plastic credits.

Venue: Hatta Yoga Venue

15:30-16:30 Workshop on the Right to Protest organized by Amnesty International 

Protesting serves as a vital means of challenging authority and advocating for change. Throughout history, protests have propelled significant social movements, shining a light on injustice, demanding accountability, and fostering hope for a brighter tomorrow.


Regrettably, the right to protest faces mounting threats globally, including in the Netherlands. Amnesty International's Right to Protest campaign aims to expose infringements on this right and urges governments to safeguard protesters and remove unnecessary barriers to peaceful assembly. Supporting global movements striving for positive transformation is crucial.


Dive into human rights, Dutch law, and activism in our upcoming masterclass! Explore the challenges facing the right to protest in the Netherlands, including legislation at odds with international human rights standards. Learn how to defend this fundamental right and address governmental and public knowledge gaps. Gain insights from activists’ firsthand experiences and perspectives on the current situation.

Venue: Erasmus Sustainability Hub, Mandeville Ground Floor

17:00-19:30 Vegan Cook-off held by the Erasmus Sustainability Hub

During this event, participants will collaborate in pairs to create mouthwatering recipes. Each duo will receive a mystery box containing ingredients and several recipes for inspiration. Following this, the pairs will work together to devise and prepare their own unique recipe within the allocated time frame. Subsequently, a jury will evaluate the dishes to determine the most delectable creation. The group that produces the most delicious dish will receive a prize. Finally, all participants will have the opportunity to savour the culinary delights they have crafted.

Venue: Erasmus Sustainability Hub, Mandeville Ground Floor

18:00-19:30 Panel Discussion on Climate Tech & Carbon Markets with Porthos and SeaO2

During the panel talk, we will discuss the topic of decarbonization and how carbon markets and technological solutions can either aid or impede reaching net zero. Various companies will present their technological solutions for removing greenhouse gas emissions. Following this, we will delve into the significance of carbon markets and their impact on achieving net zero. Panelist: Porthos and SeaO2!

Venue: Theil C1-1

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