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17th of May
10:00-11:00 Rooftop Yoga

Start the morning with a relaxing rooftop yoga at the heart of Rotterdam provided by the experienced Yoga teacher  Harvinder 

Venue: 42workspace rooftop 

*This event has limited spaces and requires sign up
12:00-14:00 Climate Cafe - Climate Anxiety Workshop

Climate Anxiety Workshop, a private and safe space aimed at relieving your climate anxiety. This event offers a unique format where you can exchange your personal experiences with others and discuss how it feels to live in this challenging era. It's about sharing emotions, thoughts, and experiences without the aim of convincing one another, but rather creating a supportive environment for conversation. By realising that others share similar concerns and emotions, you can feel grounded and reset, aiding in decision-making processes.


What worries you? Are we doing enough? Should we do more? Is politics on the right track? Through sharing, you'll discover that you're not alone in your concerns, which can provide clarity and direction.


The goal of this workshop is to assist students in making their own choices and formulating future ideas. It's about self-exploration beyond just the climate, encompassing personal conversations. By focusing on what you can do and where you can make a difference, you'll find ways to stay positive.


Throughout the workshop, you'll build understanding for each other, strength within yourself, and a shared perspective that emphasizes our commonality: "In reality, we all feel the same." 

Venue: Sustainability Hub, Mandeville Groundfloor

15:30-16:30 EUR Sustainability Summit - Final Plenary

The Final Plenary session of EUR Sustainability Summit will provide a summary of the Summit’s proceedings, including a joint communique from all Dutch universities and the unveiling of inter-institutional working groups. This session will provide an overview of the day's discussions, highlighting key takeaways and paving the way for future collaboration and innovation in Dutch higher education and research. 

Venue: Van der Goot Building,

More information to be found on the EUR Sustainability Summit’s website

16:30-17:00 EUR Sustainability Summit - Artistic Performance

To be announced

16:00-19:00 Clothing swap organized by Rethink

Bring your old clothes and exchange them for new ones. Enjoy drinks, refreshments, and nice music as you browse for your new vintage finds. If you don’t have old clothes you want to exchange, it's not a problem! Pay the fee of €2, and the clothes are yours! This event is aimed at raising awareness about the dire impact of the fashion industry in its current form and the effects of our consumption culture

Venue: Sustainability Hub, Mandeville Ground Floor

20:00-00:00 Closing Party

Closing party at vibrant Biergarten in Rotterdam city centre. With a DJ and good vibes come and enjoy a beer or two to end ESD!

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