The community & operations manager of the ESH is an allrounder. Your main responsibilities are the well-being of all members and smooth operation of the day to day activities, events and projects. You are creative, can think out of the box and love to socialize and get to know the members. You are their main contact point and you represent them.

Next to that, you make sure the shared google agenda is up to date, the internal communication on Slack works effectively and you check if all practicalities are met for the events and projects to be a success. This means that you are also structured and have strong organizational skills. You can communicate clearly and can keep an overview of what everyone is doing. You also keep an overview on the themes we are working on and the projects that we are executing, together with the chair. Additionally, you coordinate the use of our amazing multifunctional space in the Mandeville building. Without you the organizational would not run as smoothly as it does!

Furthermore, you love to check emails, or at least are fine with checking it daily. Truly our general email is pretty exciting as you are the first to know about interesting request for collaborations and events! You make sure to answer the emails accordingly or forward them to specific board members.

In general, you handle inquiries and match task or requests to the suitable students in the organization.

We noticed that the interest in sustainability is growing every year! This means that apart from existing initiatives and projects, you facilitate the creation of new projects. You operationalize new ideas from members by connecting them to the appropriate people, resources and information. Once these projects set off, the board will decide which board member will take care of supporting the development of the project. 

As the community part of the ESH has become important over the past year, you will coordinate the Events & Networking committee. This committee has as main purpose to facilitate the social aspect of the organization and the co-organization of events that do not specifically fall under the themes we work on or have a more general message/purpose. Hence, you will be in close contact with the members and active members of the organization and you love to have a chat with them and hear their ideas, plans and suggestions.

With your committee you will also stay in touch with several existing partners, such as Blue City, with which we collaborate on various events and occasions and you pursue new similar partnerships that concern sustainability in a more general sense.

Additionally, you and the chair will stay into contact with the director of the ESH. You will discuss larger expenditures with him and manage smaller expenses with our own back account. Furthermore, you will register the association at the Kamer van Koophandel and check the physical mail every once in a while.  

Your main tasks:

  • Help the chair with the planning and strategy for the year.
  • Facilitate the creation of new projects.
  • Coordinate the Events & Networking committee.
  • Maintain existing partnerships concerning sustainability in general and pursue new ones.
  • Main contact point for members.
  • Have an overview of all the events and projects.
  • Coordinate the volunteers.
  • Efficient communication within the organization through Slack.
  • Have an overview of the shared google calendar.
  • Maintain the general email account of the organization.
  • Keeping track of the bank account, smaller expenses and costs declaration.
  • Register ESH on the Kamer van Koophandel.


  • A (basic) understanding of the Dutch language is a plus, as we often receive email in Dutch.
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