You have a passion for fashion and are very much interested in sustainable products and circular production processes. You have the ambition to work actively on projects and events related to these themes with an ambitious team of students. The themes Fashion & Goods is one of the pillars the ESH is working on and you are motivated to commit to represent this in the projects and events of the ESH.

As Fashion & Goods manager you have the opportunity to run two ongoing initiatives of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub. You will manage EURWardrobe and the Sustainable Web shop project. EURWardrobe is more than a second-hand clothing store on campus. With the initiative we want to raise awareness concerning clothing consumption and the great potential of second-hand shopping and sharing. You are free to further develop the existing concept to spread this message among the students at the university and beyond!

The Sustainable (Web)shop is a project we recently started. It will be a physical shop at the Hub where we will sell sustainable items from potential partners and our own products, such as the Erasmus Mugs, but also a web shop that will direct students to sustainable products from various sustainable brands. You will support the existing team working of the (web)shop and help them where necessary on the development project. To further develop both initiatives good ideas and potential partners are more than welcome, so there are a lot of opportunities!

We have collaborated with external partners before, with for example clothing swaps and the Sustainable Fashion Week (e.g. Awearness Kollektif and New Fashion Society). You will remain in contact with existing partners and try to expand this network on campus and beyond.

As start-ups on sustainable goods and products pop-up everywhere now, this is the perfect moment for you to get in touch with them, organise events to share their stories and make students aware on the impact of their buying habits and the positive impact of circular production.

As this position is new as a board position, you have the freedom to decide to create a committee on the topics of Fashion & Goods or various projects teams. There are many cool and interesting events you can do to communicate the importance of sustainable practices within this field, so brainstorm with your teams and be creative!

Furthermore, you will actively work together with the other the board members that represent the theme Waste and Food & Agriculture to create events and projects together on transdisciplinary topics. All themes in sustainability are very much interlinked so try to interlink our own projects and events and cross boundaries.

Your main tasks:

  • Support the creation of events and initiation of projects on the theme of Food & Goods.
  • Manage the Food & Goods teams/committee.
  • Maintain a good relationship with existing partners and pursue new partnerships.
  • Coordinate and manage the EURWardrobe initiative.
  • Support the Sustainable (Web)shop project.
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