The marketing & promotion manager of the ESH is a creative student that loves to communicate what we do at the ESH both offline and online. You will be responsible for all marketing and promotion related the ESH. This includes managing the Facebook, Instagram, the website and the monthly newsletter and updating the Uni-Life app. You will not have to do this alone as you will coordinate the Marketing & Promotion committee. Together you will create content online, share photos, videos, make banners and posters to communicate our events, projects, initiatives and knowledge effectively and enthusiastically. You are dedicated to create a lively Facebook page, which is interactive and engaging to stimulate our online reach. You have a positive mind set and are eager to create content that inspires and motivates people to become involved and/or make a (sustainable) change in their own lives.

To achieve this, you will develop a clear marketing strategy together with your committee, aligned with the overall strategy of the organisation. Together, you will develop and design marketing materials, posters and physical campaigns to spread our message on campus and beyond.

As Marketing & Promotion manager you will be in close contact with the committee members from each separate committee that will focus on the marketing for their committees and the events they organise. You will have regular meetings with them and keep a planning of the upcoming events to effectively communicate them on Facebook with a proper marketing strategy and in the newsletter. You will help develop their concepts into effective marketing material.

Furthermore, you will manage the Slack channels dedicated to the marketing of ESH and actively promote members to contribute with ideas, blog post and content for our social media channels.

For the Erasmus Sustainability Days, you will be in close contact with the marketing student from their committee to align their marketing strategy with the marketing strategy of the ESH and help them with posters, banner, content, campaigns etc. where necessary. In the weeks before the ESD, you will make sure that all the ESH social media channels promote the ESD.

We currently have a podcast project going on. You will be their contact point and help them where and if necessary.

Your main tasks:

  • Development of a marketing strategy.
  • Coordinate the Marketing & Promotion committee. Together manage all social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and the website.
  • Upload the events to the Uni-Life app.
  • The monthly newsletter.
  • Development of online and offline promotion/awareness campaigns.
  • Development of design and marketing materials.
  • Contact with all committee members responsible for their committee marketing and ESD marketing manager.
  • Manage Slack channels dedicated to ESH marketing.
  • Support the podcast project (if this project continues to exist).


  • Intermediate graphic design skills (is able to design posters, banners etc.)
  • Knowledge of InDesign/Photoshop
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Experience with WordPress.
  • Preferably: experience with video editing and/or website design.
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